The 'I Am Cait' Season 2 Trailer Shows A Calmer, More Relaxed Caitlyn Jenner — VIDEO

After all the excitement of 2015, it's such a joy seeing a calm and relaxed Caitlyn Jenner in the trailer for I Am Cait Season 2. The first words out of her mouth are, "I am so comfortable now, being myself," and that vibe is present throughout the video; she seems to fully inhabit her body in a way that she was still just figuring out in Season 1. And that's totally understandable, because 2015 was a huge year for her — after years of denial and hiding, she finally felt safe to publicly reveal her true self in that Vanity Fair cover in June 2015. The response after she did was overwhelmingly positive, with love and support flowing Jenner's way from every corner of the globe, but that word "overwhelming" is important. Even though the majority of people were behind Jenner and her courageous revelation (and I'm just ignoring the people who weren't, because eff them), it was still a huge amount of attention and focus and spotlight being placed on her. And that had to have affected the way she behaved.

But now, things have mellowed out a bit, and the tension has visibly eased from Jenner's body language. In this promo for the new season, which premieres in March, Jenner is surrounded by not only the familiar faces of her family, but also the new faces in the trans community. She seems finally able to truly be herself, answering questions about whether she'll date women going forward — probably not — and defending her hastily-conceived stance on same-sex marriage that came out on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Just take a look at this trailer, and marvel at the difference between then and now:

I feel like 2015 was about Jenner being a beacon and a leader and an inspiration, and 2016 is the year she gets to just be herself. So here's to that, lady! Have the best year, do you. I can't wait to watch Season 2 of I Am Cait.

Image: E!