15 Ways To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

One subject that stays relevant throughout winter is how to deal with dry, flaky skin because the struggle is real 24/7. Fortunately, I pulled together all the best ways to get rid of dry skin so you can fight it off effectively until temperatures creep back up this spring. With a few products and beauty routine hacks, you'll be on your way to your gorgeous, moisturized self in no time.

Given the fact that it's starting to consistently dip below freezing here in Manhattan, I've had to totally up my winter skincare game. Gone are the days I could easily slip out the door with just a little moisturizer and a perfectly wrapped blanket scarf and call it a day! Luckily, learning how to tweak your routine a little with extra attention toward keeping skin hydrated isn't tricky at all.

Side note to all my extra sensitive skin ladies out there: The tips below are safer and more gentle, and shouldn't be a problem for you. I personally have super (super) finicky skin, and have tried out all of these strategies with no issues. But if you have questions or concerns, definitely reach out to your doctor or dermatologist before changing anything up in your skincare regimen.

Here are 15 ways to overcome dry, cracked skin.

1. Do Not Skip Lotion

Cetaphil Daily Advanced Lotion, $11, Amazon

Get into the habit of applying lotion all over as soon as you step out of the shower. That lotion is your first line of defense against the cold!

2. Consider Gel Cream Moisturizer

Take A Deep Breath, $37, Sephora

For extra patchy and flaky spots, my go-to is Philosophy's "Take A Deep Breath" gel. It doesn't go on heavy or globby at all, so I never worry about it clogging my pores.

3. Take Shorter, Colder Showers

I know it sounds awful to take a cold shower on a cold day, but Linda Stein Gold, MD, clinical research director for the dermatology department at Detroit Henry Ford Hospital, told WebMD, "It can dry out the natural oils in our skin more quickly." Even turning the water to lukewarm will make a huge difference.

4. Treat Yourself To A Steam Facial

Lindsey Rose Black

If you still need a steam fix, consider an Audrey Hepburn moisturizing steam facial. It feels stupid good.

5. Reach For Body Butter

Sugergoop! "Forever Young" Body Butter, $34, Amazon

For a totally luxurious moisturizer, slather a little body butter on after you've applied lotion.

6. Consider An Oil-Based Moisturizer Or Facial Oils

Oils of Life Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil, $39, Amazon

For seriously dry skin, don't be intimidated by oil-based moisturizers or facial oils. If you're super flaky and your skin isn't naturally oily, chances are very low it will clog your pores.

7. Do Weekly Face Masks

Lindsey Rose Black

Ah the glory of face masks. My favorite wintertime one is this super easy DIY avocado oatmeal mask.

8. Use Gel Body Wash

Pacifica French Lilac Bodywash, $30, Amazon

Pop Sugar shared that winter is a great time to trade out harsher soap-based body washes for gentler gel versions to soothe irritated skin.

9. Don't Skip Sunscreen

Sugergoop! Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen with Olive Polyphenols SPF 40, $28, Amazon

Even if it's dark and gray out there, "UV rays that can cause sun damage and age your skin are out year-round," Dr. Janet H. Prystowsky told me.

10. Eat Plenty Of Good-For-You Fats

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You need MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) in your diet to keep your skin soft and supple. Give it some love from the inside out by nomming on avocado, flax seeds, and wild caught salmon.

11. Remember To Exfoliate

Pumpkin Oatmeal Glow, $18, Bambu Earth

A gentle exfoliator is useful for scrubbing away dead skin cells that could turn into itchy flakes. Aim to give your face a solid scrub down two to three times a week.

12. Stay Hydrated

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Keeping enough water in your system is crucial to maintaining soft skin. If chugging cold water sounds unbearable, don't forget that herbal tea counts, too!

13. Invest In A Humidifier

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $50, Amazon

If the air in your apartment or office is especially hot and dry, a small humidifier will help keep your skin moisturized. There are tons of affordable ones out there!

14. Just Add Milk

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to Prevention, milk contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe itchy, dry skin. Simply dip a wash rag in it and then apply to the irritated area for five minutes. I won't stop you if you want to eat add some cookies...

15. Lube Up Your Socks

Uniqlo Socks, $5, Uniqlo

If your heels or hands are especially cracked, Prevention advised squeezing lotion into a pair of gloves or socks and then wearing them to bed.

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