7 Hacks Women With Thin Brows Need To Know

As far as trends go, 2015 was a year practically devoted to Cara Delevingne's eyebrows. Everyone wanted to achieve that full, luscious look. However, for those of us with thin, sparse brows, that goal seemed almost impossible. How are you supposed to pull off #onfleek brows when yours are nonexistent? Thankfully, there are several easy ways to achieve fuller looking brows without looking like you've attached caterpillars to your face.

One of the major problems with transforming your eyebrows is struggling to get the look exactly right. As we all know, there is a fine line between full-looking eyebrows and ridiculously full looking eyebrows. It's a line that you really should never cross. A favorite trick of mine is to use products that I know I can't go overboard with. For instance, I prefer pencil or powder products to thicker gels and liquids. I feel like this gives me a more natural looking brow while still filling in all of my gaps.

For those of us with thin brows, we have to be proactive about making our brows stand out. However, this doesn't mean that we have to choose thick, "Instagram" style brows either. Play off your natural looks to create the perfect brows for you. Here are seven hacks that teach how to do exactly that.

1. Use Your Face As A Guide

Not everyone looks good with Delevingne brows. Actually, many makeup artists suggest to fit your eyebrow style to your face shape. suggested shaping your brows in a way that opens up your eyes as well as enhances your face's symmetry. Wondering what shape to create on yourself? has entire eyebrow guide based on different face shapes.

2. Grab A Pen

Filling in your brows when you already have sparse hairs can be tricky. Real Simple mentioned an easy way to do this is by finding natural points in your brows. All you need is a pen (or anything with a flat edge). As makeup artist Kandee Johnson suggested in the video, start mapping your brows by placing the pen against the side of your nose. Where the pen falls is where your eyebrow should begin. From here, angle the pen from the corner of your nostril to your eye's iris. This point is where you arch should be. Move the pen to a forty-five degree angle to find your eyebrow's end. It's that easy.

3. Find Your Perfect Shade

What's the point of having beautifully shaped brows if they are the wrong color? Find your shade by playing off of your skin's natural undertones and your hair's highlight and lowlight colors as suggested by the video above.

4. Add Grip


If your brows are already thin, and powder refuses to stick to to those tiny hairs, try reaching for a concealer. It might sound crazy, but beauty writer, Faith Xue, swears by the trick. Essentially, the concealer helps to catch the brow powder and hold it in place. Just dab a tiny amount on any tricky areas, and boom! Instant eyebrow magic.

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5. Step Away From The Mirror

Kristian Dowling/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Often, when we tweeze our eyebrows, we get super close to a mirror. While this allows you to see every last hair, it is also a main reason for over-tweezing. Those pin-thin brows may look amazing up close, but not at a distance. For those with already sparse or thin brows, this is a chance you don't want to take. suggested to take a step back when tweezing to check that your eyebrows still look natural at any distance.

6. Tame The Hairs

There is a huge difference between thicker looking brows and messy brows. Tame your brow hairs by tweezing, waxing, or threading away stray hairs. This may seem counterintuitive if you want fuller brows, however, these stray hairs could be getting in the way of your overall makeup look, as mentioned by the team at Shape. Keep your brows looking polished by trimming stray hair that fall below or above the brow line.

7. Sisters, Not Twins


For me, this is probably the hardest trick to come to terms with. However, Harper's Bazaar confirmed that eyebrows should look similar, but not identical. Each eyebrow has a different shape naturally, so keep this in mind when filling them in. It's not about how perfect you can match the two, but how you can make them look flawless on their own.

Don't let your thin brows get the best of you. Make those bad boys stand out by learning how to properly accentuate their natural beauty.

Images: Pixabay (1); Kandee Johnson/YouTube