This Cat Takes Better Selfies Than You Do

We all like to think our pets are talented, but one precocious feline has mastered an art form many humans struggle with daily: Meet Manny, the selfie-taking cat. This gray tabby is not messing around when it comes to his close-ups; in fact, he takes better selfies than most humans. The Instagrammer @yoremahm has been sharing these shots online for nearly a year, but only recently have Manny's skills been lauded by fellow photo enthusiasts — and it's pretty safe to say that the feline is winning the Internet.

Manny's many selfies show him, paw outstretched, as if he is holding his owner's GoPro Camera with assertiveness. @yoremahm told BoredPanda, "Manny learned to use the camera by chance when it reached out to touch the camera during a shoot one day." But while most people spend so much time striving to find the right angle and light, Manny doesn't seem to know how to take a bad shot — and now, Manny's panache with posing has gone viral. The Instagram boasts over 44,000 followers, each post gaining thousands of "likes" in just a few hours.

Some of the more humorous shots show Manny perched nonchalantly in front of a throng of dogs. He coolly gazes into the camera, not in the least concerned about the two imposing Rottweilers and a pit bull behind him. “He is the boss of the dogs,” @yoremahm told Love Meow. Speaking with Bustle via email, the Instagrammer adds, "He is very curious and whenever I take pics of my dogs he basically 'photobombs' the camera and tries to take it from me." Reviewing the Instagram account for yourself will confirm that Manny is a bit of a camera hog, sniffing out a pic even if the GoPro is buried in the snow. Luckily, the interwebs can't get enough of Manny and his team of furry friends.

So where did this camera-ready cat come from?

"He just showed up one day and hasn't left," @yoremahm tells Bustle. "[I'm] not sure how old [he is], as he is a stray. We've had him for about two years." In that short time, it seems Manny has managed to make himself quite at home, frolicking with his pack of animal friends in the surrounding woods. This is no ordinary house cat — this is a cat that will choose adventure over a day spent laying in the sun. @yoremahm adds, "He's probably the most intelligent, inquisitive cat we've had. He thinks he's a dog. He loves people."

Manny loves perching on stumps to take his photos. The added height helps him get all his friends in the background.

And he will sometimes go to great lengths to talk to his friends who are far away.

It makes sense that a selfie-taking cat would love FaceTime. He knows he looks good.

Manny even bought a Powerball ticket. But, to our knowledge, he did not win.

Hopefully, Manny's new-found Insta-fame will keep these cute pics coming!

Images: artem/Fotolia; courtesy of @yoremahm/Instagram (5)