Lena Dunham's Hillary Clinton Travelogue Is Not A Diary, But A Call To Action

Hey, have you heard? Lena Dunham has teamed up with Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. Maybe "seen" is the better word here — you surely must have seen Dunham's whimsical red-white-and-blue Hillary sweater dress that makes Dunham look like she stepped straight out of a Dr. Seuss-conjured political adventure. But what, exactly, is the Girls star doing out on the campaign trail besides rocking fab Clinton swag?

On Saturday, Dunham published an exclusive travelogue on Clinton's official campaign website, providing Clinton supporters with a little insight as to how her collection of colorful Clinton sweaters are working out for her, and then some. "From the moment that Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy, I knew I wanted to be involved with her campaign," Dunham begins her travelogue. She adds that she's been a "longtime admirer" of Clinton both personally and professionally, yet her political activism wasn't always so forthright.

"I want to start this recap the way I started the remarks I delivered in Boston; Manchester, New Hampshire; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Chicago; Iowa City; and Des Moines, Iowa: by saying that involvement in politics came late for me," Dunham writes."I didn’t seize the opportunity to vote when I turned 18. Rather, I had to be urged to give a darn about the electoral process in our country."

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So, how did Dunham then end up being a celebrity-feminist spokesperson for Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign? Dunham writes that she was inspired to get involved — like, trekking on-the-road involved — by her best friend and former Clinton intern, Audrey Gelman. "I was never going to see the change I wanted to if I were half-hearted about showing up to the polls and half-hearted about saying what I believed in," Dunham writes.

As a thank you, she brought Gelman with her on her whirlwind stump tour. "I thank her for encouraging me to pursue this incredibly gratifying aspect of my life," Dunham adds.

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In all, Dunham hit up six different cities: Boston; Manchester, New Hampshire; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Chicago; Iowa City, Iowa; and Des Moines, Iowa. Along the way, she hung out with U.S. soccer legend Abby Wambach and Lily Adams, the daughter of Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. Dunham also gave Clinton staffer Casey, in Iowa, her knitted "Hillary" sweater — what a lucky guy.

During her hectic stump tour, Dunham claims she gave "seven versions of this speech," which is centered around Dunham's feminism and Clinton's long-held advocacy of rights for women. "Women’s rights matter to me more than anything in the world because, as HRC said, women’s rights are human rights," Dunham said in her speech, now published online. "Women’s equality allows our children to grow up strong and protected, without fear. Women’s equality is about the equality of every living human, inextricably linked with issues of racial injustice and religious persecution."

And she's backing Clinton because, as Clinton said more than 20 years, women's rights are human rights. "Whether it’s wage equality, access to birth control, or the right to press charges against our rapists with a measure of support and dignity, women are having to run twice as fast as their male counterparts just to stay in one place," Dunham said. "I believe that nothing will send a stronger message to America and the world at large than electing a competent, experienced, and brilliant woman to the highest office in the land."