Who Is Cheik Tidiane Diaw, The Murder Suspect In Ashley Olsen's Death? The Senegalese Immigrant Had Met Olsen Under Strange Circumstances

American artist Ashley Olsen was laid to rest in Florence on Friday. Olsen was found dead in her apartment on Jan. 9, having been strangled. She suffered from two skull fractures in addition to other injuries. The circumstances surrounding her death prompted a full investigation and have already led to the arrest of a suspect, who has been charged with murder. Her boyfriend discovered Olsen after growing concerned from not hearing from her and persuading her landlady to unlock her apartment. He is reportedly not considered a suspect. Instead, Italian authorities are charging Cheik Tidiane Diaw, a man whom Olsen had reportedly taken home the night before her body was discovered. Who is Cheik Tidiane Diaw?

A Senegalese immigrant, Diaw reportedly came to Italy illegally a few months before allegedly meeting Olsen at the after hours club Montecarla on Jan. 8. His brother, Abraham, is considered a prominent club promoter and owns the Presso Full Up Club, according to his LinkedIn page. The 27-year-old had been helping his brother and reportedly working in clubs handing out publicity fliers. It's unclear if Diaw was working at the Montecarla club when he met Olsen. An American expat who spoke anonymously with The New York Post had this to say about his encounters with Diaw prior to his arrest. He said:

He worked in the clubs, usually in the VIP sections. He would organize the VIP tables for his brother. He always was very courteous. ... His brother, who took care of him, would not allow his brother to do those type of things [at Montecarla].

Diaw became a suspect after traces of his DNA were found on a cigarette and condom in Olsen's apartment. Little evidence has been released regarding the circumstances of their meeting. Surveillance video shows Diaw and Olsen entering her apartment as well as Diaw leaving. Evidence suggests that their sexual encounter was consensual.

Diaw reportedly confessed that what had happened that led to Olsen's tragic death was allegedly an accident. The two reportedly got in a physical altercation and Olsen may have been pushed to the floor by Diaw. He readily admit that they both were reportedly inebriated, having consumed alcohol and taken cocaine.

During a hearing on Saturday, Diaw was ordered to stay in jail by judge Matteo Zanobini. It's unclear when Diaw will return to court. Olsen was buried in Italy on Saturday due to the fact that the investigation of her murder is ongoing. More information regarding Diaw's relationship with the artist will undoubtedly emerge as this case goes to trial.