Who Is Paul Ryan's Wife, Janna? The Former Lawyer And Lobbyist Is Incredibly Accomplished

Paul Ryan is looking ambitiously towards the future and has unveiled a 2016 plan that may very well unite the Republicans he seeks to represent as Speaker of the House. Ryan is hoping other GOP congressmen and women will latch onto the agenda that he unveiled. He certainly has the support of his wife, who has consistently stood by him despite being considered more of a Democrat but still a "practical conservative." Who is Paul Ryan's wife, Janna? The former lobbyist and lawyer is deeply invested in her husband's success. Even prior to Paul's address to his fellow Republicans, she has been advocating for him whenever possible.

The two share a strong bond in politics and met in Washington, D.C. when Janna was working as a corporate lobbyist. Janna's higher education was steeped in legal pursuits and she received law degrees from Wellesley College and George Washington University. She previously served as a tax attorney but had worked as a congressional aide while in college thus transition into focusing primarily on politics was an easy one. Her family's political background also undoubtedly influenced her decision. Janna's grandfather was pivotal in helping to found the American Party, which chose George Wallace as their presidential nominee during the 1968 election. Her mother served as one of the inaugural members of the Oklahoma Ethics Commission and the Oklahoma Council of Campaign Compliance and Ethical Standards in her home state as well.

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Likewise, her parent's backgrounds as lawyers also helped set the course for Janna's pursuit of a similar career path. The lucrative compensation the two received made for a more than comfortable life for Janna and her two sisters. They also had an impressive fortune that was passed down via Janna's entrepreneurial grandfather, who had made money from such disparate fields as redeveloping military housing and a wildly useful tree-cutting tool, which he patented. The Ryans are thus incredibly financially comfortable, making it easy for Janna to further pivot and focus on being a stay at home mom.

After marrying Paul in 2000, Janna shifted her focus to starting a family with her new husband. She is raising their three children in Paul's hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. Still, her interest in politics appears to not have waned. She was thrust into the national spotlight when Paul was picked as former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's running mate during the 2012 election and was more than comfortable making public appearances and verbally advocating for both her husband and Romney. Though Janna ultimately did not assume the role of second lady, she is nonetheless ready for whatever politics throws her and her husband's way.