12 Exciting 'Deadpool' Trailer Moments From The Many Teasers Seen So Far — VIDEO

I don't know if you've been paying attention or not, but there has been a wealth of Deadpool movie trailers flooding the internet. Seriously, the new Deadpool trailers just keep on coming, one after another, to a point where I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to tally them all. Alright, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but, there are a bunch. And, after watching them all over again, I've realized that despite the surplus, each teaser is a total must-see. More trailers mean more people are exposed to Deadpool, which means that more people will likely go out and see it when it hits theaters next month. And, if lots of people buy tickets, a sequel could just be discussed — and I, for one, totally want that to happen.

The other great thing about the abundance of Deadpool trailers? They all add something that entices me even further to the new movie. Seriously, there hasn't been a trailer yet that hasn't left me without some kind of a reaction, be it laughter, suspense, or intrigue. So, for the love of Deadpool, I've waded through all of the trailers and picked out the most exciting things about them. But, before that, check out the newest trailers below, released over the weekend:

Now that that's out of the way, here are the most interesting things the Deadpool trailers have shown so far:

1. Shake Weight Charades

Everything I never knew I needed.

2. The Butt Closeup

*Round of applause* I'd like to thank Ryan Reynolds' parents for this honor.

3. The Action... With A Dry Sense Of Humor Kick

"That guy was up there before we got here..." Nailed it.

4. The Girl Power


5. No, Seriously, The Girl Power

*Plays Spice Girls*

6. The Brief Moments Of Sentimentality That Balance Out The Sarcasm

It's needed.

7. Deadpool Being All Cute

I appreciate a superhero who colors.

8. This, All Of This

Oh, hell yeah.

9. All The Jokes About His New And Improved (?!) Appearance

At least Deadpool is a good sport about it.

10. His Fancy Footwork

Coupled with his amazing pop culture references.

11. The Breaking Of The Fourth Wall

Nothing I love more than a good aside. Talk to me, Deadpool.

12. The Action


*Fist pumps in excitement* Deadpool can't come soon enough.

Images: 20th Century FOX