Gigi Hadid Is Guest Starring On This Cool Show

by Katharine McEntee

We all know that Gigi Hadid can put together the perfect outfit, but can she make the perfect dish? Thankfully, we wont have to guess for much longer, as Gigi Hadid guest starring on MasterChef is soon to become a reality. The 20-year-old model is set to appear on Gordon Ramsey’s reality show on Jan. 18 at 8 PM EST. According to People, Hadid will battle it out with fellow friend and Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor on the “Celebrity Showdown” episode. While this may sound like loads of fun, it is also a serious gig as the women are competing for $25,000 to donate to their charity of choice — Hadid’s being the Global Lyme Disease Alliance in support of her mother, Yolanda Foster, and Windsor’s being the St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

In a clip for MasterChef’s “Celebrity Showdown,” Ramsey accompanied by Milk Bar’s pastry chef extraordinaire Christina Tosi asks Hadid, “What’s more intimidating, the fashion runways or the MasterChef kitchen?” to which she replies, “Honestly, it’s this because I only get star struck over chefs.”

While she might be a bit nervous, Hadid seems to be a natural in the kitchen. How do I know this? Because of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, of course. In the fifth episode of the sixth season, Hadid can be seen expertly whipping up some tomato soup and “grilled cheese dippers.” I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

If you have yet to be convinced of Hadid's culinary skills, scroll down to see some of her mouthwatering concoctions via Instagram.

1. Her Knife Skills Are On Point

With knife skills like these, Hadid will be able to keep pace on MasterChef.

2. She Can Make A Mouthwatering Pizza

As far as I'm concerned, all you have to know how to make is a really, really good pizza.

3. She Knows That Presentation Is Important

Hadid knows that presentation is just as important as taste.

4. She Can Bake, Too

There are some people who cook, and some who bake, but this model proves she can do both.

5. It's All In The Family

Hadid should have no problem on MasterChef, as it looks like cooking runs in the family.

While I'm sure Devon will put up a good fight, my money's on Gigi!

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