The Best Martin O'Malley Jokes & Memes From The Democratic Debate Poke Fun At His Invisibility On Stage

Democratic candidate Martin O'Malley was close to missing Sunday night's presidential debate altogether. With an average poll percentage of 5.2 percent in the state of Iowa, O'Malley just surpassed the 5 percent minimum required in order to get a debate invite. But it might have been better for the least popular Democratic candidate to sit this one out, according to Twitter users watching the debate. Here are the best Martin O'Malley jokes and memes from the fourth Dem debate, which sadly make O'Malley's irrelevance that much more evident.

It's not like O'Malley could have really been expecting a whole lot of play time, being so very far behind the two leading candidates in the polls. The former Maryland governor did come across as quite the confident contender, though, when he requested that moderator Lester Holt provide him thirty seconds to respond if opposing candidate Hillary Clinton was getting that kind of valuable speaking time.

Whether O'Malley was bargaining for more talking time, standing by silently, or accidentally making sexual innuendos, the most entertainment to come out of the event was in finding out how many ways O'Malley's debate appearance could be made comedic. Social media users discovered plenty.

O'Malley Being The Outdated Phone That Used To Be Super Cool

Remember when you felt so uncool because all your friends had Blackberries and were using BBM to message each other, but you still had a lame flip phone? Well that's kind of how uncool it is now to still be using a Blackberry.

O'Malley Turning To Candy Crush To Occupy His Non-Speaking Time

It sure felt like O'Malley was in need of a serious time-waster, since the majority of the debate went to responses from Clinton and Sanders. What better way to pass those several hours than to match some serious candy combos?

O'Malley Still Being Invisible To Just About Everybody

Yes, there is some small percentage of voters who are well aware that O'Malley is actually running for president. But for most Americans, the name of the game is Clinton vs. Sanders.

O'Malley Still Not Understanding Why He's Invisible To Just About Everyone

O'Malley just barely made his way into Sunday's debate, but the fact that it was just by the smallest fraction of a percentage didn't really ever seem to settle in with the former Maryland governor. That's because he still showed up.

O'Malley Believing He Still Had Any Semblance Of A Chance At Being The Democratic Candidate

You know it's bad when you have to ask the debate moderators if you, too, can get thirty seconds to respond to a question, since they've been ignoring you the whole time. And yet, O'Malley appeared to believe viewers actually wanted to know his thoughts on lone-wolf terrorism.

O'Malley Becoming Totally Visible For All Of Five Seconds With This Cringeworthy Line

Oh, O'Malley. Didn't anyone teach you how to avoid saying things that could so easily be turned into a "That's what she said" moment? Pro: Americans may remember you after this. Con: They'll remember you for this.

O'Malley Quickly Going Back To Being The Least Popular Democratic Prez Hopeful

The man's got confidence and a positive attitude. You've got to give him, that. O'Malley may be a ways behind Clinton and Sanders, but he wasn't throwing in the towel until someone forced him off that stage.