6 Life Scenarios When Bernie Sanders' Side-Eye Is Exactly What You Want To Make Your Enemies Wither & "Bern"

When Hillary Clinton attacked Bernie Sanders in Sunday night's fourth Democratic debate, the Vermont senator unleashed a brutal side-eye in a moment of unabashed, honest emotion. As you're probably aware, a good glare can be a dangerous weapon, and there are certain times you should use Sanders' side-eye without hesitation. If Sanders isn't afraid to let one loose on a nationally televised debate stage, you shouldn't be ashamed to use your own when it's completely necessary to truly express how you feel.

Clinton elicited the hilarious expression by claiming that Sanders didn't support President Obama and tried to find a candidate to run against him in a primary in 2011: "He's criticized President Obama for taking donations from Wall Street, and President Obama has led our country out of the great recession. Senator Sanders called him weak, disappointing." *Cue side-eye.* Sanders responded to this criticism by saying: "In 2006, when I ran for the Senate, Sen. Barack Obama was kind enough to campaign for me. In 2008, I did my best to see that he was elected. And in 2012, I worked as hard as I could to see that he was reelected. He and I are friends."

Of course, it's unlikely that you'll be in this exact situation any time soon, but Sanders' infamous side-eye could be used in multiple worthy scenarios.

When You're Catcalled

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It's no secret that women walking in cities — especially alone — get catcalled all the time. If you aren't one to yell back profanities, Sanders' side-eye is a great alternative. It will get your message across quickly and clearly, without having to waste much energy on the men harassing you.

When Someone Makes A Racist/Homophobic/Sexist Comment

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Sometimes, you just need to let someone know that their racist/homophobic/sexist joke or comment isn't OK without getting into a screaming match. This look is definitely explicit enough that it won't be misunderstood — they'll immediately realize they've done something very offensive.

When Someone Emits A Foul Odor


When you suddenly realize that someone near you emitted a horrible odor, you can't help but react. Sanders' side-eye perfectly says "I know what you did" without actually having to confront them.

When Someone Says They Don't Want Extra Guac

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Everyone knows guacamole is heaven in food form, and anyone that doesn't like it enough to want an extra serving deserves this glare. Period.

When Someone Tries To Make Plans For Saturday Morning


Oh, you want to go jogging at 8 a.m. Saturday? I'll be in bed until noon, and this side-eye will show you exactly how I feel about morning activities.

When Someone Says They Don't Like Sanders


If anyone tells you they aren't a fan of Sanders, it's the perfect opportunity to use his harsh expression to set them straight. He initiated the side-eye when Clinton was criticizing him, so it's just as fitting for you to do the same when you hear him being attacked.

It's really the only disapproving facial expression you need.