8 Weird Bras You Need To Know Exist

by Lindsey Rose Black

With two cups and some straps, you might not consider bras particularly fascinating or funky. However, all of the weirdest bras you need to know about will definitely have you reconsidering your stance. I scouted the Internet for the most ridiculously "out there" bras that totally break the standard mold. Whether you'd wear any of them or not, you can't deny that they're fun to look at!

Generally speaking, I'm pretty loyal to a handful of about five bras I wear over and over again. Two sports bras, one strapless, one push up, and one t-shirt bra have me covered for anything I tend to need. In fact, I'm maybe too committed to them since my most beloved t-shirt bra is like, four years old? Yikes. Probably time to throw away that bra...

With Valentine's Day coming up, I'll admit I've got bras on my mind. I know it's totally not a requirement as a woman for me to go out and buy swanky lingerie, but I personally love lace and frilly things on occasion. The holiday is a super fun excuse to not only surprise my partner, but also try on a boatload of silly and ridiculous things!

Below are some of the wackiest, weirdest bras I've ever seen in my life.

1. Gun Bra

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I really dislike that this exists, but I suppose it's practical if you want to carry one?

2. "True Love" Bra


Allegedly, this bra from Ravijour will unclasp when you encounter your true love. It syncs with your smart phone to measure your heart rate and pops off when it hits a certain speed. You can shop Ravijour here.

3. Smart Phone Charger Bra


Because who isn't looking for push up that can also charge up your phone with solar panels? You can shop Triumph here for its crazy bras.

4. The Post Office Bra

Junko Kimura/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Mailing letters in envelopes is so 2015.

5. Chastity Belt Bra


Another Triumph creation, this chastity belt-style bra plays the "Here Comes The Bride" song when you unlock it. Wowzers.

6. Rice Garden Bra


Who needs a backyard garden when you can grow rice on your boobs?

7. Rice & Miso Soup Bra


I have no words. Apparently this hold real rice?

8. Chocolate Snack Bra


Form-fitting and straight delicious, this bra is 100 percent chocolate and a worthy snack at all times.

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