Show Your Hillary Clinton Support Like Katy Perry

You can totally support your favorite politician in style. Katy Perry wore a glittery Hillary Clinton shirt, once again showing off her support of the former First Lady and potential Democratic presidential nominee during the debate. Perry's shirt was super cute, fitted, and long-sleeved. But it was also majorly impactful. If you, too, are comfortable with wearing your politics on your sleeve or across your chest, well, you have loads of options. Because caring about who is in office, and how they affect your life and the life of your fellow Americans, is always, always in style.

Perry posted a shot of herself, wearing glasses, no makeup, her black hair slicked back into a tight bun, and her pro-Clinton shirt while watching the debate. The singer made a pretty powerful statement just through the visuals. It's not the first time Perry has used fashion to demonstrate support for politicos. Remember her latex white pro-Barack Obama dress? Yeah, that was pretty unforgettable.

Check out Perry letting the world and her fanbase of Katy Cats once again know which side she is on. While I am so used to Perry rocking candy-coated ensembles, this was a simple but effective way to get a message across.

Are you feeling Perry's top as much as I am?

Lena Dunham has also taken wearing bright, bold, pro-Clinton statements on her clothes.

While you may not be able to rock Perry's same exact shirt, there is a cute and similar Clinton top available, along with plenty of other options that may better (pant) suit your style.

This simple, black, and long-sleeved top has the same message and shape. ($29.99,

This cozy gray sweatshirt is simple but effective, as well. It doesn't need a whole lot of colors or embellishments to get to the point across. ($55,

The Pantsuit Tee is always an option. Throw a cardi over it or cut off the collar to give it a unique touch or to add your own flare to it. ($30,

No matter what your personal style, you have so many options for showing your support of Clinton. You can also troll Etsy for a bunch of custom options, as well.

Images: Katy Perry, Lena Dunham/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (3)