Regina Spektor Is Skipping The Grammys For The Best Reason

Regina Spektor has big news, y'all! She won't be attending the Grammys. And do you know why she won't be attending the Grammys? Because they suck! Just kidding. It's because Regina Spektor is pregnant! Woohoo! I feel genuinely happy about this news. For one, because Regina Spektor makes awesome music and, for two, because she's famous but still seems like she could raise a normal child. That isn't always the case, so, go Regina! Have them babies!

Spektor, who married singer-songwriter Jack Dishel in 2011, announced her pregnancy on Facebook. Her message to fans reads,

Yay! Babies! Soup! Exclamation points! This news is making me more irrationally excited than Hilary Duff's divorce made me irrationally sad.

Spektor is nominated for a Grammy — her first, which is surprising — in the category Best Song Written For Visual Media for "You've Got Time," the theme song for Orange is the New Black. She faces tough competition from fellow nominee Adele who is nominated for her Golden Globe and Oscar-winning song "Skyfall" from the James Bond movie of the same name. While "Skyfall" is the clear front-runner, it'd be nice to imagine Spektor having a little celebration on her couch.

Good luck to Regina Spektor on Grammy night and well wishes to the singer and her husband!