Tiffani Thiessen Says A 'Saved By The Bell' Reboot Shouldn't Happen & She's Got A Point

Tiffani Thiessen and I have one very crucial thing in common, and that is not our killer cheerleading flexibility. Tiffani, who starred as girl crush of millions, Kelly Kapowski, told Entertainment Weekly in an interview that there will never be a reboot of Saved By The Bell. She believes a reboot of the popular '80s series wouldn't even be good. "You’d never be able to do a reboot of that show and do a good job with it," she said. "The best thing we did was the Jimmy Fallon reunion last year. That’s as close as it will get!"

With all these reboots roaming the open waves of our televisions and Netflix queues, it's almost surprising that Saved By The Bell hasn't tried its hand at a 2010 era version of the series. We lovers of media are nothing if not big fans of nostalgia, and a reboot of a classic '80s show is just the ticket for that sort of thing. Everyone can identify with the problems of the Saved By The Bell teen; when you wake up in the morning, and your alarm gives out a warning, being at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by, dogs eating homework, ...these are universal issues. However, they are issues that I am completely fine with seeing stay in the '80s where they belong. I don't need a reboot of Saved By The Bell to ruin my beautiful memories.

If this news saddens you, you can always get your fix of the characters by watching Thiessen's show on The Cooking Channel, Dinner With Tiffani. She has featured Elizabeth Berkeley on the show, and a new episode with Mario Lopez will air soon. But, in the meantime, I agree with Thiessen whole-heartedly. A reboot wouldn't be the same. First, where would the show be without Screech in the mix? Second, would they all still be in high school? That's weird. A high school reunion could work, but it would feel forced.

This is one reboot I don't want to see happen. Ever. Thanks, TV gods, please make it not so.

Images: NBC Productions; Giphy