6 Tools To Improve Your Pizza Eating Experience

Like eating pizza wasn't dope enough on its own, this protractor pizza cutter is here to improve your pizza eating experience forever. The thing about cutting pizza is, no one wants to end up with the smallest slice. The protractor pizza cutter makes sure that everyone receives exactly equal slices of pizza, so that no one is left wanting. That's what I'd call food egalitarianism. The protractor pizza cutter says "Nothing ruins a pizza party faster, than when one guest receives a larger slice than someone else. The Protractor Pizza Cutter, available at the Foodiggity Shop, is here to help make sure this doesn't happen." Agreed. Pizza equality for all! (Now if only we could apply this to things like "gender" and "race" and "rights".)

This pizza eating tool got me thinking about eating pizza (which, for the record, I just did, as there was a cold piece of left over pizza from Saturday night in my fridge which I housed), and how we can make our pizza experience eating better. Yes, there are tools to make pizza eating better than it is just standing in the open fridge door eating it cold or curled up on the couch while binge watching Netflix. Here are some of those tools:

1. The Protractor Pizza Cutter

Protractor Pizza Cutter, $12, Amazon

Mentioned above, the protractor pizza cutter will ensure that no one draws the short straw on pizza slice size.

2. Pizza Scissors

Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors, $12, Amazon

These scissors are a convenient way to cut pizza too, and will give you equal sized slices (except for probably the last slice, unless by some miracle your pie can be divided exactly by the size of the pizza slice attached to the scissors).

3. Pizza Slicer Fork

Pizza Slicer Fork, $5, This Is Why I'm Broke

If you're some weirdo that likes to eat pizza with a fork, you might as well do it with this nifty one that has its own built in pizza cutter. If you're going to look like an idiot, you may as well go all out and really commit.

4. A Green Box

Click Here For Green Box

The genius people at Green Box, who are aiming to create environmentally friendly paper products for your food, have invented a pizza box made out of 100% recycled materials, so you can eat your pizza ethically. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. The lid of the box also divides into little plates, and the bottom transforms into a storage container for leftovers. So no more plastic plates, washing up, cling wrap or tin foil. Just throw it all in the recycling at the end, and you've not only eaten delicious pizza but helped to save the world!

5. Pizza Cones

Pizza Craft Grilled Pizza Cone Set, $14, Amazon

Make like Ben Wyatt and get really weird with your pizza. It might not be a calzone, but a pizza cone is pretty close. EAT YOUR PIZZA LIKE ICE CREAM! Also, with these amazing pizza cones, you can definitely pack in more toppings.

6. Pizza Pouch

Pizza Pouch, $3, Amazon

If you constantly find yourself eating pizza on the go, and no way to conveniently hold onto it with your hands, then the pizza pouch has got your back. A necklace for pizza, this is the ultimate accessory for pizza obsessives (not for casual fans).

Images: Foodiggity Shop