Paint Swatches Never Looked So Delicious

Pantone is basically the boss of colors — they're a very serious international authority on the efficient communication of colors across all industries, and they don't take colors lightly. Which is exactly why a quirky new Instagram account, Pantone IRL, is matching colors to candies. Because what's a better way to get anyone's attention than to throw candy into the mix? Not to mention, the juxtaposition of the a strict institution with children's candies is pretty rad.

When it comes to color chips and swatches, whether you're doing a little personal interior design or working on a corporate photography shoot, knowing your colors is important. But as anyone who's ever worked with colors knows, sometimes the name assigned to the color doesn't make a whole lot of sense. For example, "Cloud Dancer" is pretty vague. The "Cloud" part gives you the mental image of a color might be in the white/grey family, but the "dancer" part does nothing for the mind's ability to comprehend or imagine colors. I mean, what the hell shade is a "dancer"? And "Afterglow"? Seriously, who could possibly have any idea what that might look like? (Though, it does sound a little sexy.) Others, like "Lavender Fog" (a grayish purple) and "Tangerine" make perfect sense and are easy to imagine — they involve concrete images.

So when Pantone IRL decided to have some fun with the colors and match them perfectly to candies, they gave us an unintentional flashcard lesson — we'll never be confused by Pantone colors again! Seriously, you could not forget these names now even if you tried. Creators of the Pantone IRL account told Bustle:

"Like many people, this brand inspires me – it made me want to initiate a project around the colors. I’m having fun photographing everyday candy from around the world, matching them with a specific Pantone color. It’s a pretty fun way to show the variety offered by Pantone colors and hunger my followers!"

Here are a few of my favorite. Also BRB going to the store to buy out Haribo right now.

Their "Swedish Blue" Matches Perfectly With Haribo's Gummy Crocodiles

The Blue M&Ms Are "Celestial"

Tic Tac Orange Is "166"

A Bar Of Milk Chocolate Is "732"

Turns out there are actually quite a few Pantone pairings that have already been made, like emojis (the octopus is literally a perfect match for "215c"), smoothies ( raspberry, OJ, honey and soy milk make a solid match with "1895"), and beer (a stout is a perfect match with "4975C"). Could someone please make a new one with Kylie Jenner's wigs, kittens, or pizza toppings? Thanks.

If only someone had figured out a way to match candies with standardized test questions in high school I might have had an easier time studying. Who knows, I could be working for NASA, colonizing Mars, or maybe I'd have accelerated in math class and would understand how to be a functioning financially efficient adult human.

Images: Courtesy of PantoneIRL/Instagram