Adorable Little Girl Doesn't Believe In Snow

Remember those innocent youthful days when you believed everything your parents said was the honest truth? Well, turns out all young people might not be so easily fooled — forget the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, because this little girl doesn't believe in snow. In a video uploaded to YouTube on Friday, the fledgling skeptic laughs in her dad's face as he tries to convince her that indeed, "Snow falls from the sky and it blankets everything." As someone who grew up on the East Coast, I was all too familiar with the cold stuff, but it's easy to see how someone not accustomed to low temperatures would think that it's something out of a fairy tale.

As her father tries to convince her of this simple winter phenomenon, the toddler finds his explanations hilarious, repeating "Daddy's funny!" She will not be fooled by his thin logic! How could she believe something so incredulous without proof? Her dad repeats "It's a true story!" His petitions met by even more outrageous laughter. "And it's cold," he adds — cold, fluffy, white stuff falling from the sky? That's right dad, and I'm the Queen of England. This adorable video uploaded by redditor mrcurmudgeon1900 has already accrued almost 1.5 million views on YouTube and over one thousand comments on reddit.

So next time you think of telling the modern toddler even the most basic of facts expect to be met by incredulous jeers:

Nothing brings down the old self-esteem like your two-year-old not taking you at your word:

Surely, this whole "snow" thing must be the best stand-up act ever.

If this little girl is so surprised to learn that when temperatures dip below freezing in the winter, atmospheric water vapor can turn into ice crystals, I'd hate to see what happens when she learns about hail.

But she isn't the only one confused about this natural miracle. Even when they experience it first hand, babies just don't know what to make of the white stuff covering the ground. Just check out this kid's reaction seeing snow for the first time:

After the initial surprised exclamation, the baby stares off into the distance pensively — oh the wonders that the world holds.

Most little kids aren't sure at first what to do with this new ground covering. It makes it difficult to move— and after all they've only been walking a very short time at this point, and hand-eye coordination is not their strong suit.

A snowball is way beyond their breadth:

And even certain animals, when seeing snow for the first time, are not sure what to make of it:

However, after a few minutes, kids and animals alike discover that snow is one of the best things about winter. It's fun to play with and roll around in— provided you have an insulated coat. So next time a few flakes fall your way, grab the hat and gloves and enjoy!

Images: pexels, mrCurmudgeon/Youtube, Daniela Smith/YouTube, Smithsonian's National Zoo/YouTube, Andreas Heinakroon/YouTube, giphy