22 Good, Bad and Weird Hillary Clinton Magazine Covers Through the Years

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The Internet is in a hubbub today over the New York Times Magazine's new Hillary Clinton cover. Reactions to the "Planet Hillary" cover have been mixed — is it hilarious? Sexist? Artistic? All of that is up for debate, but the one thing it seems everyone can agree on is that the cover is ... atypical. Bizarre. Out there, to use a bad planetary pun.

And this is the second time this January that Hillary covers have made headlines independent of the articles they're attached to. Last week, the cover of Time magazine featured a giant, pant-suited woman in sensible heels squashing a Lilliputian man, alongside the headline "Can Anyone Stop Hillary?"

Ms. Clinton has long been a divisive figure (remember how mad the mom from My So-Called Life got when her husband said her short haircut made her look like Hillary?). But once upon a time — i.e., before Clinton became "the most powerful woman in American history" — it seems Clinton got a little better treatment on magazine covers. Let's look back at the many faces of Hillary Clinton in the media over the years.

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