How To Tweeze Eyebrows Without Tweezers

by Lindsey Rose Black

Tweezer fear is a real thing, but fortunately they’re not the only tool out there to tackle unruly eye brows. I'm here to tell you exactly how to tweeze eyebrows without tweezers so you don’t have to panic over trying to painfully pluck out hairs one by one. Whether you're more of a DIY gal or you're into salon methods, you’re bound to find a strategy that feels good for you.

While I personally am all about the bold, wild brow trend (mine totally fall into this category), sometimes my brows do need a little shaping. But after an emotionally scarring incident in eighth grade, one thing I’ll rarely ever reach for is tweezers.

During volleyball camp in middle school, I let my “frenemy,” Katie, pluck my brows for the first time. She was all, “Let me just get this one hair for you” and ended up completely going to town on my brows. I looked perpetually excited 24/7 for months until they (thankfully) grew back. Though I’ve since forgiven Katie, my fear of tweezers remains and I’ve more or less sworn off DIY brow shaping since then.

Living the mostly tweezer-free life has led me to some pretty cool brow discoveries. If you’re lucking for fresh ways to shape and style yours, definitely consider all of the options below!

1. Threading

Generally considered less painful than waxing, threading involves using a, well, thread to weave into brows and gently remove individual hairs.

2. Shaping Razors

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack of 3, $4, Amazon

Quick and easy, shaping razors let you trim down hairs to the point of looking plucked without actually having to pull anything out.

3. Concealer

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil, $18, Sephora

By utilizing angled strokes and blending, you can get skip plucking for a decent amount of time with a brow concealer and highlighter pencil.

4. Waxing

Sally Hansen Wax Kit For Eyebrows, $7, Amazon

Whether at home or by a professional, waxing can be more efficient than individually plucking hairs with a tweezer, so at the very least, the pain will be over sooner!

5. Brow Liner

Brow Now Defining Pencil, $25, Nordstrom

Another way to make your brows appear plucked and shaped is by reaching for brow liner and shadows to create your ideal brow style.

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Images: Getty Images; Courtesy Of Brands