Chloe Grace Moretz & 'The 5th Wave' Cast Play Bustle's Emoji Game — VIDEO

Being a teenager is hard enough. Being a teenager when your species is being eradicated by aliens? Well, that's a whole other ballgame. That struggle is so very real for the young characters in The 5th Wave , a new sci-fi film based on the first book in a series of young adult novels by Rick Yancey. In the new film, formerly "normal" teenager Cassie (Chloe Grace Moretz) must fight for survival when she is separated from her brother Sammy (Zackary Arthur) in a now "Other" (a.k.a. alien) infested Ohio. The world has been "sent back to the Stone Age" due to the alien invasion, and hope is waning — it's up to the people remaining to choose to fight for the human race.

The film picks up after four "waves" of attack have already plagued humanity, and the fifth wave — invasion — has just begun. The Others have hosted themselves inside human bodies and have given people no way to discern between human and alien life. In an effort to fight the Others, Sammy is taken to Camp Haven, a training ground for children who can help eradicate the invading aliens — or so the children are told. Also at Camp Haven is Cassie's high school crush Ben (Nick Robinson) and the rebellious Ringer (Maika Monroe) who isn't sure she trusts the military's plan for human children. After a close encounter with the Others, Cassie teams up with fellow survivor Evan (Alex Roe) in order to find her brother and to fight for the human race. Against all odds, can this group survive?

The answer is... of course. The plethora of apocalypse movies that have come our way in recent years prove that humans can survive anything that blockbusters throw their way. Hollywood has come up with plenty of tragic scenarios for humanity to fight through, and if people can survive chemical warfare, apes taking over the planet, and tornadoes filled with sharks, I can only imagine that fighting off the Others is more than possible for this crew.

Now, the real question: can the cast of The 5th Wave guess the names of these apocalypse films from a series of emojis? I sat down with 5th Wave cast members Robinson, Moretz, Roe and Monroe to see how up they were on their humanity-in-crisis movies. Check out the video to see how the group fared, and what movie both teams got stumped on:

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The Fifth Wave hits theaters January 22.

Images: Bustle Cuts/YouTube