What Do Steven Avery's Letters To Jodi Stachowski Say? The 'Making A Murderer' Case Takes A Surprising Turn

In an unexpected interview with Nancy Grace producer Natisha Lance on Jan. 13, Steven Avery's former fiancée, Jodi Stachowski, publicized her personal views on his guilt. Stachowski claims, among other things, to divulge, "The truth. What a monster he is. And (that) he's not innocent." It is unknown why she has chosen to speak out against Avery a decade after the death of Teresa Halbach's — whose murder Avery was convicted for — and just weeks after Making a Murderer premiered on Netflix, but she does have what she considers corroboration for her allegations. These come in the form of letters supposedly written to Stachowski by Avery.

Beyond claiming that Avery at one point tied her to a bedpost with rope, Stachowski accuses him of extorting her for money via his letters. Her remarks may shock viewers of the popular docuseries, particularly because she was portrayed as Avery's loving and supportive partner. During the filming of Making a Murderer, Stachowski initially vouched for her fiancé's innocence, though the two parted ways while Avery was in prison awaiting trial. However, Stachowski now has a different opinion to share. Stachowski said she only opened one of these alleged letters, and that it read:

Jodi Here is the Deal, you give ma $500.00 for the telephone from the County Jail for ma phone when you call her! I wont [sic] all my C-D's and my Camera Back and all the other stuff Back too. I paid for everthing [sic] for you when you living in the trailer, So you going to pay me back in all the money that I spend on you, Jail telephone, Food, smoking, your hair I paid for, your glass, So you pay me all $3,000 Dollar's [sic]!

Avery also allegedly demanded his belongings back from Stachowski, threatening to blackmail her using her driving record:

You can take all my stuff to ma or you can send it to her. I will be getting out, I just filed my motion in court to get out, see me on T.V.! If you dont (sic) pay this I am going to write to the Appleton Sheriff Department, Manitowoc County Sheriff Department, and the Manitowoc City Sheriff Department, and to the Wisconsin State Patrol in Fond du Lac, Wis. address is 851 S. Rolling Meadows Drive! See!! you drive drunk all the time!!!!

In two other lines, he allegedly writes:

I will put you in Taycheedah Correctional Institution! / You pay me and ma I will not send the letters, in to the Sheriff Dept.

Finally, the alleged letter goes on to throw out a few accusations:

You are Jealous because I am better then (sic) you! You lie and cheat on men cheating all the Time!!!!!!!!! / This is why I stop Loving you because you look at other Guys!!! This is why Guys only wont (sic) Sex From you because you are nasty and Dirty, and you treat toward Guys!!!!!

Viewers of the show might recall that Stachowski appeared to remain close to Avery throughout earlier episodes, though she asserts that this was not the truth. She claims to have not loved him, though the series presents her otherwise. Avery maintains his innocence, and Making a Murderer explores the possibility that he was framed. Until now, Stachowski had not publicly commented on either Avery or the series, and the timing of her HLN interview remains a curiosity to both fans and viewers.

Images: HLN