Justin Bieber, you're not Michael Jackson

The Biebs is at it again. This time, he's not getting charged with a DUI behind the wheel of his yellow Lamborghini or being let out of jail on $2,500 bail. Instead, he recently pressed the submit button on his Instagram account, which was the first interaction we have seen between Bieber and the public since his arrest on Thursday. He posted a photo of himself leaving jail next to an old photo of Michael Jackson, both waving to fans in similar poses. Justin Bieber thinks he's Michael Jackson. D'okay.

The caption: "What more can they say."

First of all, that is a question, Justin, not a statement, so you should probably include a question mark. Second of all, we can still say quite a lot, especially when you're trying to compare yourself to the King of Pop.

  1. Justin Bieber is not Michael Jackson's equal. He doesn't even have a Grammy yet. Michael Jackson won 13. You have a lot more work to do, kid.
  2. Michael Jackson would never be seen in a hoodie.
  3. Why would Justin even want to equate himself to Michael Jackson, who is seen in the photo during his trail for child molestation? Bieber is not making a better case for himself through this comparison.
  4. Instead of issuing a public apology for your misbehavior, Bieber is making himself out to be the victim of the media, which I assume he feels Michael Jackson was, as well.

Justin, where is your publicist? Get it together and stop all of these antics. Please, we beg.

Image: JustinBieber/Instagram