The One Lazy Girl Glitter Hack You Need To Know

As I've grown older, my obsession with glitter has evolved. Based on my in-depth knowledge and experiences with glitter, I think we can all agree that the main issue with these sparkles is that glitter gets everywhere — so finding the one glitter hack to stop this from happening is invaluable. Not that having glitter fall all over your face, body, clothes, and friends is a completely bad thing, of course.

When I use allover glitter, makeup glitter simply isn't enough. The shimmers tend to flake off within minutes of dancing, hardly ever surviving a proper night out. More often than not, craft store glitter finds its way into my getting-ready-to-party routine. Why? It's cheap and usually brighter and more sparkly than makeup glitter. Sure, it might not be the best thing I could do for my skin. But any real glitter aficionado should be willing to set time aside to take their glitter off properly at the end of the night, so that no real damage is done. And for lazy girls who hate reapplication, it's the ultimate life-saver.

To get that loose glitter to stick for the entire night, the one tool you need is likely already in your makeup bag.

ArtMinds Deluxe Glitter Collection, $15, Michaels

Vaseline Original Lip Therapy Tin, $21, Amazon

That tool? Vaseline. This came to me through a long game of trial and error, but everyday Vaseline is honestly the perfect base to help your glitter stay on. It also means it's super easy to rock the glittery lip trend without investing in three different kinds of products to keep it on.

To apply your perfectly glittery look, swipe enough Vaseline over your cheekbones to give your face a dewy glow. Then, pat the glitter on top of the Vaseline. This will ensure the glitter sticks to exactly where you want it, rather than falling all over your face.

This is all coming from a total glitter addict who's had a ton of fun experimenting with all manner of shiny products. With your craft glitter and Vaseline in tow, get ready to sparkle all night.

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Images: Georgina Jones; Courtesy Brands