When Will Twitter Come Back? The Haphazard Outage Has Left Everybody Lost

On Tuesday morning, millions of users woke to find that Twitter was down after the mobile app and website both crashed. According to The Guardian, the problem first started around 3:30 a.m. ET. People who visited the website were met with the message "Something is technically wrong," while those who tried to open the app were not able to tweet either. It appears that as of 9:30 a.m. ET, Twitter has returned for some users, while others are still experiencing technical difficulties.

For the last several hours, Twitter's network has been suffering an "internal error," with four of its five public APIs (application programming interface) going down. Throughout the morning, the status of multiple APIs were changed from "service disruption" to "performance issues," which gave some users access to the platform while others were still shut out. TweetDeck, the dashboard application that allows you to view and manage multiple Twitter accounts, was also down.The company confirmed its service issues with a message on its Twitter Status Tumblr page:

Some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter. We are aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution.

The company also tried to issue that same message in a tweet, but since many people could not access their feeds, they were not able to receive it.

Twitter, which boasts 300 million users worldwide, seemed to mostly be down in Europe, but some users faced issues in Asia and Africa as well. According to Down Detector, most of the outages in Europe were happening in Britain, France, and Germany, while users in Japan and South Africa were also experiencing issues.

As the company continues to resolve this massive tech glitch, the users who are able to access the microblogging platform have been using the hashtag #TwitterDown, and they haven't been holding back.

And of course, as they always do when Twitter is on the fritz, users turned to the platform's biggest rival, Facebook, to vent their frustrations. One hilariously commented, "Twitter is down, & twitter posted on twitter that it's down, but one cannot see the tweet of twitter saying twitter is down on twitter cos twitter is down." Another riffed on the age-old "if a tree falls in the forest" question, asking, "So far the world doesn't seem to have ended because of the outage, but without Twitter working, who would know if it had?"