Gmail Was Down for 20 Minutes & Here's How We Reacted, in Gifs

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Today, Gmail was like, “IT’S FRIDAY. I'M GOING TO GO STRETCH OUT MY WALKING STICKS, SNITCHES. HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME,” and then peaced out for about 20 minutes. When Gmail went down, we were all kicked out of our accounts. No one saw it coming. Those 20 minutes were absolute pandemonium. What do you mean by “Temporary Error (500)?” WHAT IS THAT?! Ugh, annoying. Let me sign back in, please. What's that? You won't let me back in? Why are you doing this?! NO NO NO NO.

The implications of that Error (500) message: we could not access our Gmail accounts. We couldn’t check our email. We couldn’t Gchat. We were stuck out at e-sea, without an e-paddle, completely e-alone. It was horrifying. I get chills just thinking about it.

What did today's brief, terrifying, sans-Gmail period of time feel like? Let's revisit:

Image: NBC

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