This Hero Makeup Artist Uses Snacks As Inspiration

Tim O. aka @Skelotim is officially your new makeup and snack guru, thanks to his chip-inspired makeup Instagrams. Chips and other vending machine goodies mean a lot to me. I work six days a week, so the snacks that smile back are literally my only friends a lot of the time. So Skelotim's particular brand of makeup artistry speaks deeply to my soul.

And beyond my infatuation with salty snacks, I have to admit that most of these looks are really quite wearable. I mean, his Flaming Hot Cheetos smoky eye is totally applicable to every girl's night out situation. Instead of a white under-eye liner to open the eye, he uses a yellow to spark the flame and brighten up an even brighter look. Mind. Blown.

However, my personal favorite is the purple Wildlicious Wild Berry Poptarts, because I could honestly picture myself wearing it every day. Oh, and the Funyuns and Cheddar Ruffles are super inspiring. You know what? They're all incredible. I believe that we should all play with color every once in awhile. Here are a few of his amazing looks to learn from thus far.

1. Funyuns

You've gotta love the commitment to advertising and color. He's certainly not afraid to use it.

2. Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles

Mmmm, I'm getting hungry already. Plus this is a perfect summer concert look with blue jeans.

3. Poptarts Wildlicious Wild Berry

This is sultry, sexy, and beautiful. I could see wearing this on a random night out on the town.

4. Flaming Hot Cheetos

This look is both deliciously hot and dangerously cheesy. I am in love.

Oh, and Tim's talent doesn't just lie in snacks. Here are a few other amazing creations on his Insta page, if you're less inclined to food-inspired makeup.

5. Copper Eyes

I know, right? I would wear this every day in the fall.

6. Halloween Looks

I was definitely spooked. Plus, I tried to create a zombie look half as good as this and it took me almost three full hours. Props, Tim.

7. When Desi Perkins Calls You Out

This is definitely a well-deserved shout out. It would be awesome to see him create a YouTube channel!

Tim, on behalf of everyone here, I'd just like to say thank you. Maybe you can come throw a party for us some time. We'll bring the chips, if you bring the strong makeup game.

Image: @Skelotim/Instagram (1)