How To Avoid Blisters From New Boots

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It's hard to imagine any down side to getting new boots, but it exists in the form of seriously painful blisters. You have not experienced pain until you've been forced to walk all over with raw skin chafing onto the back of your snug new boots and your socks soaking with blood. Um, gross? So I'm going to teach you how to avoid blisters from new boots, because that struggle does not have to be real.

Boot season, sweater weather — whatever you want to call it — leaves us with so much to get excited about style-wise, and you deserve to actually get excited about it instead of dreading getting dressed in the morning. Enough of the whole "beauty is pain," thing. That was spoken by someone who clearly has never worn leggings, flats, and oversized flannel shirts. Beauty is comfort, y'all!

If getting new boots is on your list this winter, but you cringe at the thought of the obligatory first-wear blisters you'll inevitably have to suffer through, then try doing these seven things to help avoid blisters when breaking in your new boots. I mean, unless you're cool with sock blood stains and all...

1. Wear Them Around The House

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It sounds a little weird because boots aren't exactly "lounge shoes," but they won't get broken in until you've actually worn them, so it's better to put them on while you're watching TV, sitting on the computer, or eating dinner than when you have to be out and about walking around.

2. Wear Them In The Morning

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Fact: Your feet swell in the afternoon when you've been on them for a while, and if they swell up, they're going to cause friction with your boot lining. The first few times, wear them if you're heading out in the morning until they're broken in.

3. Mash Your Heels


Carefully crush with your hands or step on the heel of your boots to help soften the leather where it's the most stiff.

4. Buy Blister Protector

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Buy a blister protector at the drugstore. Rub it on your feet before you wear the boots and it will help cut down on friction, which will reduce the chance for potential blisters.

5. Wear Thick Socks

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The thicker the sock, the less your skin will rub.

6. Arm Yourself With Band-Aids

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If you know you have certain parts of your feet that are blister-prone (like the heel or baby toes), wrap them in band-aids before putting your boots on to give yourself a cushion.

7. Carry An Extra Pair Of Shoes

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Don't fight it. If you feel like your boots are rubbing and a blister might be forming, take them off immediately and swap them for a comfier, already broken-in pair. If you try to power through, a blister will form, and if it already has, you'll just make it worse and it could take longer to heal.

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