They Need $20,000 Stat!

When you're expecting a child sometimes things can get pretty rough financially. There are expenses that you might not have thought of and the cost of diapers can really add up. Sometimes you need to get a little extra cash here and there. You could hold a yard sale and sell some old shoes on eBay or you could go the Danielle and Kevin Jonas route and rent out your home for an absurd price. Yep, Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle are renting out their home for $20,000 per night during Super Bowl weekend. You read that correctly — $20,000 not for the entire weekend, $20,000 per night.

Kevin Jonas posted an ad for their New Jersey home to Airbnb himself titled, "Live like a Jonas, Super Bowl Home." The hilarious description starts, "I’m Kevin Jonas, you may know me from my recent TV show with my wife Danielle." Um... or from the fact that you were a member of the Jonas Brothers! He continues,

We are currently expecting our first baby girl and have moved out of our home to make room for our new family of three. But before we sold the house, we wanted to offer up the opportunity for both music and football fans to have the chance to stay there for the Super Bowl. And I'm even throwing in 4 tickets to the big game!

Well, if you put it like that, it's really not that bad of a deal. The average price for a ticket to this year's Super Bowl is around $3,700. That times four is $14,800, so if you look at it that way you're only paying $5200 to stay at Kevin Jonas' house! Oh wait... that would be if you stayed for only one night and you'll probably want to stay for two. In that case, you're at $25,200 to stay for two nights at Kevin and Danielle Jonas' mansion, but only if you subtract the price of tickets.

Really, you should just look at this as handing $40K over to a Jonas Brother. What if he was gifted the tickets? You never know. He will give a "portion" of the proceeds to his charity, Change for Children, though. I just hope that when he says "change" he doesn't mean the pocket variety.