A Guide To Dressing Up (Or Down) For V-Day

Even though you might be living in leggings and UGG boots now that winter has pretty much arrived, you're going to have an excuse to get a little more dressed up than usual in just a few weeks (which is reason enough to celebrate, right?). There's a lot of different options when it comes to what to wear for Valentine's Day, given that there's a whole bunch of different types of dates you could be going on, but whether you're going out or staying in, I've rounded up some fail-safe options for V-Day dressing. ICYMI, it's less than a month away. You're going to want to nail your outfit ASAP!

You don't have to have a big dinner date (or have a date at all) to need an excuse to dress up for Valentine's Day. While romantic dinners are nice, I'm always down for Netflix + chill'ing or doing something active, like a hike or a bike ride. Sure, throwing on a nice dress can be fun, but so is rocking a Valentine's Day-inspired athleisure outfit! Trust.

So whether you're going to a show, staying on your couch, or calling your pooch your Valentine, there are plenty of options to celebrate the holiday festively and fashionably.

Dinner + Movie

Needle & Thread Dress; $223;

This is your opportunity to get a little more done up than usual. If you want to wear your go-to LBD (or maybe LRD), by all means, go for it, but how sweet is an LPD? I might be biased because it is my favorite color, but I'm going to take whatever opportunity I can to wear a pink dress.

Dune; $77;

Glitter is always appropriate on a holiday.

ASOS Coat; $146;

There's a good chance it will be cold out, so wrap yourself up in a cocoon coat.

Netflix + Chill

ASOS Curve Leggings; $31;

Do not pass go. Do not reach for your sweat pants. Just because you're staying in, doesn't mean you can't get dressed up. Just choose something a little more "lounge" friendly, like leggings with lace detailing.

Drape Front Blouse; $65;

If going bright red or pink feels too cheesy, but you still want to be festive, choose a berry tone.

FREYA; $35;

It's as close as you're going to get to a strappy heeled sandal in flat form.

Adventurous & Active

Red Heart Leggings; $80;

You could wear your Lululemon basics...or you could wear red leggings with a heart on the butt.

Without Walls; $49;

This one is a little more exciting than your standard sports bra.

Caper; $45;

And of course you have to pair everything with red sneakers.

If You Don't Have A Date

Ballet Wrap Dress; $69;

Not having a date shouldn't prohibit you from dressing up. Choose a sexy, but less formal dress that could work for hanging out at home, or going out with your friends.

ASOS Curve; $14;

The most appropriate day of the year to wear heart tights.

Black Patent Ballerina Shoes; $31;

Patent + bows instantly upgrades a basic black flat.

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Images: Unsplash; ASOS; Urban Outfitters; Topshop