Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Snubs Don't Hurt Him As Much As They Hurt You

As everybody knows, Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Oscar. Despite over two decades of being one of the finest actors around and an almost unblemished record of picking great films in which to star, the poor guy just can't catch a break when it comes to the Academy. This year, DiCaprio is nominated for his fifth Oscar in an acting category for his role in The Revenant (his prior four nominations were for What's Eating Gilbert Grape in 1994, The Aviator in 2005, Blood Diamond in 2007, and The Wolf of Wall Street in 2014) and conventional wisdom suggests that 2016 will be the year he finally takes home a statue. But even with a new nomination, winning isn't guaranteed, and those Oscar snubs DiCaprio has experienced so often have to had hurt, right?

Granted, DiCaprio is a classy, old school Hollywood guy, so he's not one to complain about his lack of recognition. However, he is most definitely aware of this thing called the internet, so he is familiar with the numerous memes of him that exist and the way people talk about his lack of an Oscar as if it were the only thing that matters to him. So he has, on occasion, addressed the issue of the infamous Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar snubs. Here's what he's said.

He Probably Should Have Won Before

"The truth of the matter is that I've been in situations before where I've thought films or performances, either mine or others, should be either nominated more or adored by the public, or critics should revere it more. But it's beyond your control." - BBC, 2014.

Winning Oscars Isn't His Goal

"I don't think I ever expected anything like an Oscar ever, to tell you the truth. That is not my motivation when I do these roles." - Huffington Post, 2012.

He's Proud Of His Work

"I've done many movies with the greatest intentions and they didn't get well received ... all you can do is really try your best." - Absolute Radio, 2014.

He's Happy Just To Be Nominated

"You do these films, you put so much energy, so much thought into it, and to have your peers sort of recognize that and say, 'OK, you're worthy of being nominated,' is fantastic." - Entertainment Tonight, 2004.

Despite his lack of Oscar wins, DiCaprio remains in love with acting. He does his job and he does it well; not because he's hoping for approval for anyone, but because he takes pride in his work. Even if he never wins an Academy Award in his life, it really seems as if he'll be ok with that as long as he can look back at the work he's done and be proud. Now, having said that, he's definitely winning that Oscar this year.

Images: giphy.com