13 Early ‘00s Songs That Are Perfect To Listen To On The Laziest Of Days

It happens to the best of us: a lazy mood strikes and you don't... feel... like doing... a single... thing. Sure, there are ways to try to snap yourself out of it; you groggily pour coffee down your gullet, groggily meander on down to the gym, and attempt to go about your day like a groggy haze isn't looming over your head. But say it's your day off. Say the day's schedule is totally blank. And say you want to spend that free day embracing the lazy funk with heavy, fatigued, oversized sweatshirt-adorned arms. Well, I have the chill tunes playlist just for you.

I've rounded up a bunch of songs that are ideal for your most mellow of mellow days. And these aren't just any ol' chill tunes, mind you. The songs included in the list below all happen to be from one of my most cherished eras of music: the early aughts. So whether you’re feeling sleepy on a Sunday, moody on a Monday, tired on a Tuesday, wiped out on a Wednesday, tuckered out on a Thursday, fatigued on a Friday, or sloth-like on a Saturday, I guarantee that this collection of early '00s pop, indie rock, R&B, and New Age songs will never harsh your vibe.

1. “Sleeping In” By The Postal Service

carbootsoul on YouTube

Raise your hand if you wish you wouldn't be mad if you got to sleep in every single day. I assume everyone not raising their hand is some sort of superhuman ~morning person~.

2. “Banana Pancakes” By Jack Johnson

l onderwater on YouTube

Maybe we can sleep in? And make banana pancakes? And pretend like it's the weekend? BE STILL MY HEART.

3. “Bag Lady” By Erykah Badu

ErykahBaduVEVO on YouTube

Go ahead and let the soothing sounds of Erykah Badu's voice wash over you.

“4. We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try)” By Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley - Topic on YouTube

And then, go ahead and let the dulcet tones of Jenny Lewis's voice wash over you.

5. “Pure Shores” By All Saints

RHINO on YouTube

It makes all of the sense that this chill ocean vibes song appears on the chill ocean vibes soundtrack for The Beach.

6. “Across The Ocean” By Azure Ray

win ra on YouTube

More chill ocean vibes, please and thank you.

7. “Float On” By Modest Mouse


Keep on floatin’ down this lazy river of a day.

8. “Aqueous Transmission” By Incubus

AnonymousPod on YouTube

Oh, you thought the floating was over when “Float On” ended? Think again.

9. “Rock The Boat” By Aaliyah

TheAaliyahVideos on YouTube

May this serene jam row you to Tranquil Town.

10. “Sleep Tonight” By Stars

Jonathan Vardi on YouTube

This record will give your ears a gentle hug.

11. “Looks Just Like The Sun” By Broken Social Scene

joydivisionthecure on YouTube

Is that... what I think it is? Is that the morning sun shining through my window? Already?

12. “If I Ever Feel Better” By Phoenix

lcozzarelli on YouTube

If I ever feel un-lazy/I'll turn off this Melrose Placemarathon, comb my hair, put on some real pants, and spend some time with you.

13. “Lazy Days” By Enya

cloudfalcon528 on YouTube

If you want to take your lazy day to The Next Level, play this song on repeat until the lazy day is over.

Happy lazing, fellow sluggards. May your couch be comfortable and your snacks plentiful.