Is 'The Boy' Scary? The New Horror Film Blends Elements For A Frightening Result

Halloween may have been months ago, but horror movies are always in season. The Forest already scared up some thrills this year, and the frights look to keep coming in 2016 with The Boy. The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan stars in the film, which is about an American woman who is hired to be the nanny of an 8-year-old boy in the English countryside. Not exactly a terrifying premise, right? I mean, it sounds more like a PBS drama than anything else. But I left out one important detail: The boy she's hired to look after is actually a porcelain doll whom his parents treat like a real human. OK, so that's at least weird, but the question remains: is The Boy scary, in a real, goosebumps-down-your-arms sense?

The Boy hasn't premiered yet, and there haven't been any reviews of the film, so you'll mostly have to go off your gut. I for one am of the belief that this movie is going to be scary AF, mainly because I've seen the trailer. People acting like a doll is a real kid, and then the doll moving around by itself? That's a big bowl of nope. And if my simple insistence that this movie is going to be terrifying isn't enough for you, here are seven reasons why The Boy is going to be scary.

1. The Doll

Scary dolls are just that — scary. Even if the doll in this movie wasn't possessed, I'd still think it was horrifying. Just look at it!

2. The Kid

The doll is bad enough, but then the movie combines it with another horror movie hallmark: The creepy kid. The doll in the film is apparently possessed by a weirdo kid who apparently murdered his BFF when he was eight. No thanks.

3. The House

It's bad enough that this lady has to look after a doll possessed by a creepy kid's ghost, but does she have to do it in an isolated haunted-looking mansion where it's always raining?

4. The Parents

Um, hello, your kid's a doll, stop acting like this is normal.

5. The Rules

Most babysitter rules are like, "Help yourself to anything in the fridge." What kind of a rule is, "Don't cover his face"? Seriously, do not take that job.

6. The Painting

What isn't alive in this house?!

7. Not Knowing What's Real

There's also the possibility that none of this is really happening, and that Cohan's character is losing her mind. And that might be the scariest thing of all of, because who's to say what's real and what isn't?

If you ask me, The Boy is going to be one scary movie, thanks to the way it blends elements from multiple types of horror films. Scaredy cats, stay away.

Images: STX Entertainment