Unfortunately, there are quite a few skin and cosmetic issues that accompany winter. While the gorgeous snow and perfect fashion are definite pros, the dry skin can be a real pain. Then, there are cold sores. If you get one though, you can learn how to cover up a cold sore in a jiffy right here. Just because you've developed the pesky little bump doesn't mean you need to stick a bandaid over your mouth and call it a day. There are actually quite clever ways to hide a cold sore.

Cold sores are tricky animals, and it's important to understand the life cycle of one before you decide to cover it up. One important thing to know is that it's never a good idea to place a makeup product over an open sore. Usually, during days two through four, that's what your cold sore is going to be. So, while using products to hide your blister is possible, being hygienic and healthy about it is equally as important. As gross as it sounds, you'll need to wait until the wound has begun to scab and heal before figuring out how to cover it up.

If you're past that stage though, here's how to perfectly cover up a cold sore.

Grab A Precision Application Tool

Real Techniques 102 Triangle Concealer Brush, $9, Amazon

You definitely won't want to slather foundation and concealer all over the cold sore. Instead, you'll want to be meticulous about your product application. Plus, you'll want a product that you can easily clean to get rid of the bacteria. Placing your foundation brush over a cold sore and then reusing it over the rest of your face? Not a good call.

Apply Petroleum Jelly To The Sore

Vaseline, $2, Amazon

Not that it's news, but scabs don't look great under makeup. Apply a little petroleum jelly to the area to lessen the dryness.

Cover With A Heavy Duty Concealer

Boi-ing Full Coverage Concealer, $16, Benefit Cosmetics

A heavy duty concealer will cover redness and dryness much better than a more liquid formulation. Using the precision tool, lightly apply concealer over the area until hidden to your likeness, but don't go too heavy or the sore will appear obvious.

Use Foundation As Usual

Estee Lauder Double Wear, $40, Sephora

Apply foundation as usual, and use a sponge or other clean, disposable tool. Again, you don't want to spread the infection.

Apply A Light Dusting Of Powder

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder, $40, Bobbi Brown

Apply a light wash of powder over the area to set the concealer and foundation. Don't wipe, though. Only tap the powder onto the face. You don't want to smudge your hard work away.

Apply A Natural Lip Color

Dior Addict Lip Glow, $33, Sephora

Using a naturally hued lip color will allow you to keep attention away from you mouth. While you can totally rock a bold lip, natural may be better for now.

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