Gigi Hadid's Airport Pants Are Easy To DIY

If you're like me, you're probably wondering how can you get Gigi Hadid's awesome patched pants right about now. Hadid arrived in Charles de Gaulle airport on Wednesday, according to InStyle, in very chic travel outfit which included a pair of black jeans with large heart and star appliqués directly above each knee. I was très impressed with how cool and feminine something so simple could be, and thought, "Wow, this look would literally take two seconds to do at home myself!"

My mother used to painstakingly make all of my Halloween costumes and was a master at sewing, so I learned how to stitch at an early age. I also, way back when, wanted to be a fashion designer and spent a good amount of time in fabric stores and watching Project Runway with my parents. Why can't a modern feminist girl sew and stitch her own clothing?

The easiest way to get this look is using appliqué patches on black pencil or skinny jeans. Appliqués are usually under $5 unless they are fancy or very well designed, so you won't have to break the bank. You can get them online on Etsy, or head to your closest Michael's or JoAnn's and find them there.

But first, let's see that outfit, shall we?

Here are a few patches you can use to replicate this look, but they really could be anything. Go nuts!

Wrights Iron-On Appliques - Gold Metallic Stars, $3.49, JoAnn

Wrights Iron-On Appliques - Red Hearts, $3.49, JoAnn

After you've found your patches, here's what you should do:

1. Choose A Matching Thread Color

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

For a flawless finish and to look like the appliqués are a part of your pants, you're going to want a matching thread color.

2. Make Sure You Have What You Need

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Do you have pins? Appliqué glue? A needle? A tape measure to make sure placement of the appliqué is correctly measured? Chalk to mark your measurements?

3. Thread Your Needle & Start Stitching

Check out this video for a detailed explanation of how to appliqué, which I've broken down via screenshots below.

4. Tuck Under Sections & Bring Needle Through Bottom

Use your fingers to fold under a section of your appliqué piece, then take your needle through the bottom of your background fabric (you may have to roll the jean legs up and cuff them) and bring it through the edge of the appliqué. You also might want to pin the appliqué down.

5. Stitch Back Down

Come as close to the folded under edge as you can. Stitch straight down back into the jean, and then come back up through both materials. The stitches should be no further than a quarter inch apart.

6. Fold Over Any Edges & Sew Closely

As you continue, you will need to use your needle to turn under the unfinished edges of the piece and keep repeating until the appliqué is fully secured.

7. Tie Off & Cut The Thread

Lastly, you may want to iron the new pieces and the jeans to make sure everything is stuck on there. You could also probably just use a sewing machine, but that's really not as satisfying and either way you still have to thread the needle!

So, Hadid's pants may look fancy, but they're actually quite replicable for every day non-models like you and me! Go get cracking, little fashionistas!

Images: Fat Quarter Shop/YouTube (4)