The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Poster Is Here

Universal Pictures just released Fifty Shades of Grey 's first official poster — and it features Jamie Dornan as the smoldering Mr. Grey. Well, it features his back. (Still smoldering, though.) The movie, which comes out on Feb. 13, 2015 and will helmed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, also stars Dakota Johnson as Mr. Grey's submissive mistress, Anastasia. And the film is hotly anticipated — by women who proudly read the book on public transportation (NO SHAME, YOU GUYS), and... pretty much every other woman, right?

If not out of genuine interest, then out of curiosity, at least. Most ladies picked up a copy of E.L. James erotic quick read because it was part of the cultural zeitgeist in 2012.

So how does the film get people to pick up theater tickets the same way they picked up the book? Well, Fifty Shades of Grey's ad campaign has been nothing short of sexy and intriguing — quite fitting of Mr. Grey. The official website features a little button where you can apply to work at Grey Enterprises as an Intern! I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CLICK HERE, but I'm going to do it for you, Bustle. I'll get back to you.

But let's get back to this poster. Like, let's really take a deep, analytical look at this IMPORTANT PIECE of our culture. We've got Jamie Dornan as Mr. Grey, staring into the Seattle skyline, probably wondering where his Ana is. He is dressed in only the finest suit, I imagine, as Mr. Grey would have no other kinds of threads adorn his body. We cannot see his face — we only must imagine! And oh, those big glass windows! The possibilities of what can happen in such a space with such a man! Take a look:

But don't get too excited, ladies. We've already discussed how there won't be sex in the movie — only kissing, because apparently audiences who read this book for the sex cannot actually handle watching sex on the screen. (But, you know, the power of suggestion and whatnot.) So, Fifty Shades of Grey fans: Mr. Grey will be seeing you now. Or, rather, in February 2015.

Photo credit: Universal Pictures via E! Online