Shay Mitchell Hasn't Forgotten About 'PLL's Emison

by Kaitlin Reilly

Pretty Little Liars fans know from the time jump scene at the end of Season 6A that Alison DiLaurentis is married to a "Dr. Rollins," whom fans later learned was her sister Charlotte's psychologist. But it's not just Ali who had a guy put a ring on it: the actress who portrays Ali, Sasha Pieterse, got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Hudson Scheaffer, and solidified their love with an adorable Instagram engagement announcement. It seems that life is totally imitating art (or is it vice versa?) which means that there's a real chance that Ali will follow Pieterse down the aisle sooner than we thought. Now, Pieterse's sometimes onscreen love interest Shay Mitchell has a message for the happy couple, and it should make Emison shippers totally freak out.

Emison shippers have faced plenty of disappointment on recent seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Emily's hopped from Paige to Sara, while Ali dabbled in dating cop Lorenzo. Now, Emily and Ali live on opposite sides of the country, and a long distance relationship doesn't seem likely, even if Emily was the person Ali leaned on after Charlotte's death. But fear not, Emison loyalists: there is some hope for these two, if only because Mitchell is clearly supportive of Team Emison.

Mitchell shared this cute Insta shortly after Pieterse revealed her engagement, and it looks like at least one half of this pair would want an Emison endgame:

Of course, just because fans and Mitchell want an Emison reunion badly doesn't mean it's going to happen. Fortunately for fans, that's not the only pro-Emison statement we've seen lately from the cast and crew. Showrunner and general Pretty Little Liars boss lady I. Marlene King took to Twitter to share this sentiment about Emison, and it's making an Emison reunion look a teeny bit more likely:

Right now the ladies of Pretty Little Liars seem pretty focused on Charlotte's murder and not their love lives, but if there's one thing that we should take away from Mitchell's recent Instagram and King's tweet, it's not to give up hope just yet.