Miss Universe Is A Pro At Using Emojis

After winning the title of Miss Universe, there’s pretty much nothing this woman can’t do, am I right? What if she were given the task of guessing movie titles using only emojis as clues? She’d nail it, right? Well, find out as Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach uses emojis to decode movie titles in this exclusive Bustle video. If there were a crown for this kind of thing — she’d definitely win it.

This whole movie title-naming thing isn’t as simple as it sounds, either. Of course, Wurtzbach keeps her cool under pressure. She's no stranger to being in the spotlight, what with her pageant days and life as a child actress. And overall, she does an amazing job guessing the titles. Much better than I could have done, that’s for sure.

She isn’t even always familiar with the movies and somehow can still guess the names. This trained chef/magazine writer/pageant contestant doesn't have much time to watch movies, I'd imagine. She a woman of many talents (including naming films she's never seen). But, I mean, Princess Diaries? She really does need to watch that one. If that’s not on the top of her to-do list as Miss Universe — it really should be.

Watch as she effortlessly names these movie titles using only emojis as clues. I think you’ll find, she’s basically a pro at this. So, if the whole Miss Universe thing doesn’t work out, she’s a shoo-in for becoming an emoji reader (if that’s a thing).

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