Jacob Tremblay’s Next Role Will Be A Huge Change Of Pace From His Other, More Serious Roles

Good news for everyone who is totally in love with that little guy from Room: Jacob Tremblay will be guest starring on FOX's Last Man on Earth , the show that features Will Forte as, well... the last man on earth. Word on the street is that Tremblay will be playing a young Will Forte — or, rather, a young Tandy, the character Forte plays. And, can I just say, this sounds like a wonderful change of pace for the actor, because Jacob Tremblay’s next few roles are some pretty serious ones.

Following his performance in Room, the super-serious, super-tense film based on the book by Emma Donoghue about a mother and son held captive in a room for seven years, Tremblay will be stepping into the role of Tandy. And I’m looking forward to seeing him in a role that will let him show off his comedic side. After all, Will Forte plays a character that is almost entirely Id. To see that type of character as a young child is bound to be hilarious. Couple that with the fact that Tremblay’s next few roles are some pretty serious ones, and it makes me even more excited to see this young actor stretch his comedy muscles and give primetime a try.

Just look at some of these roles that Tremblay has coming down the post-production pipeline. That’s some serious heavy-hitters.

Before I Wake (2016)

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As Cody in the new horror thriller from Mike Flanagan, Tremblay plays an orphaned child whose dreams become reality before he wakes. Sounds like a more terrifying version of Freddy Krueger to me. And, like, the opposite of funny.

Burn Your Maps (2016)

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Definitely a quirkier turn, this film stars Tremblay as a young boy who befriends a boy who believes that he is a Mongolian goat herder. Serious and touching and full of action-packed adventure, this movie promises to show Tremblay at his best.

Shut In (2016)

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A thriller this time, Shut In is a movie about a child psychologist who gets caught in a deadly winter storm and has to find a way to rescue a young boy in the middle of it. There’s nothing light about that.

The Book Of Henry (2016)

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Another drama to add to his impressive resume, this movie is about two brothers who, with the help of their mother, save a young neighbor girl from the cruel hands of her father. This is definitely not a movie that is going to put a smile instantly on your face.

So see what I mean? The comedic break will definitely do this guy some good. Plus, I can’t wait to see what kind of new life he brings to one of the funniest characters on television today.