Estee Lauder's Estee Edit Line Is Coming Soon!

Spring is always such a fun time for new makeup and beauty launches. Bright, fresh colors and products help bring us out of the winter doldrums. This year, we have the upcoming launch of The Estee Edit, the new millennial-focused beauty and skincare brand of long-running and much-respected department store powerhouse Estee Lauder. The Estee Edit is inspired and fronted by Kendall Jenner and blogger Irene Kim. It will boast over 80 inventive products, both skincare and makeup, and it will be widely available. When is The Estee Edit launching? Mark your calendars, because it's coming up quick.

The Estee Edit will be sold in over 300 Sephora stores and on Sephora's site beginning March 15. The range will also be available on Estee Lauder's site in July.

Grab a red sharpie and draw a big red heart around March 15 in your calendar. Then make an every hour, on-the-hour reminder in your smartphone. In fact, schedule daily reminders for the entire week leading up to launch. Go ahead. I'll wait.

All done? Good! Bustle reached out to Estee Lauder reps who confirmed the March 15 launch date. Don't worry! We will have more information as we creep up on that date and we'll give you a heads up regarding what's available and when. We got you!

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When the brand hired Jenner as its new face, combined with the fact that it looked to someone as hip and cool as Kim, I knew the tide was turning and that Estee Lauder would be crafting products designed specifically for younger customers craving quality products. And now, The Estee Edit range is a reality that's just under two months away!

As Women's Wear Daily notes, the namesake Estee Lauder brand, which owns other beauty companies, like MAC, is a department store mainstay. With The Estee Edit, the brand is positioning itself front and center for millennials.

Here's how The Estee Edit will differ. The products are guest-edited by Jenner and Kim and are divvied up by attitudes. According to WWD, The Edgiest range will boast rich color payoffs in its lipsticks and eye shadows, whereas The Barest items will offer more sheer washes of color.

That emerald shadow, though!

Even cooler? Oh, just an eye palette named after Jenner. It will include "transformers" with black light technology so you can glow in the dark provided you are in the right light. There's also a blue-tinted lip gloss called Flash Photo Gloss. It's designed to make teeth appear whiter.

Oooh! You can learn more about The Estee Edit range by searching social media for the #beautyattitudes hashtag.

I know this is a lot to process and it's just a mere glimpse into what will be the mother of all 2016 beauty launches. The key information is here — March 15 at Sephora.

Stay tuned for more details ahead of the launch. We are so there.

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