Pilot Fakes An In Flight Emergency To Propose

Here's the worst way to propose ever, by a pilot who faked an emergency to propose to his girlfriend. Yes, this pilot PRETENDED THEY WERE GOING TO DIE, in order to propose in a grand fashion. This man, clearly, has a sickening sense of romance. The pilot filmed the entire terrifying proposal on his Go Pro, so the happy couple could relive the nightmare proposal scenario over and over again. I swear if anyone ever tries to threaten my life pre-proposal I am going to say no, and possibly even hit someone. Seriously though, in what world is this OK? In what world is making the person you love most believe they are plummeting to their death a sign of eternal love?

The video starts off pretty cute, with montage shots of the pilot and his girlfriend which show that yes, he really does love her, despite planning to potentially making her soil herself before giving her a ring. And, if we're going to be fair, the pilot and girlfriend remain really calm the whole way through the fake crisis, in which the "flight controls are not responding". Meanwhile, if someone told me that flight controls weren't responding mid-flight, I'd be having conniptions. Here's how the whole thing went down:

1. Everything Starts Out Just Fine

The couple is all cutesy smiles and I'm assuming adorable banter as they fly through the sky in a tiny plane. There's no sign of trouble as the two look as happy as two people can, as the video cycles through montage shots of what I assume is a vacation.

2. Then Things Take A Turn

Suddenly, the fun background music stops and there's a crisis! In mid flight! Being quite un-emotive, the pilot requests his bewildered girlfriend stay calm, which she does, making her my new hero. No way her reaction is one of a hysterical person like myself...

3. He Asks Her To Read Some Instructions

Despite having done this before, the pilot needs instructions read to him. Because we know where this is going, we obviously know things are about to get super cute. But girlfriend has no idea, so to her, she's in a plane that's going down with a pilot who needs instructions read to him. AND SHE STILL STAYS CALM. What a legend.

4. Then Comes The Ring...

Then comes the proposal! She asks herself, reading from the page, if she wants to spend the rest of her life with Mr. Boyfriend. The answer is YES! Then he procures a ring, and guys, get this, IT'S INSIDE A GOLDEN SNITCH.

5. And The Cheesiest Line You've Ever Heard

Cheesy yes, but only because it's disgustingly adorable in the circumstances. But also forget this dude for creating a life-or-death situation before proposing. Seriously though.

Watch the whole inappropriate proposal below:

Image: YouTube