'London Spy' Is Bringing Espionage To BBC

All is fair in love and war, and Danny is about to learn that on London Spy. According to the show's synopsis, BBC America's London Spy tells the story about Danny and Alex, two men who could not be more different, yet upon meeting realize they're soulmates. Before they're able to explore their relationship, Alex is found dead in a way that Danny feels was staged. After learning that Alex was a spy, Danny sets out to reveal the truth behind his mysterious lover. Sound intriguing? Sound real? You might be wondering if such a twisted and dark story like London Spy could be based on a true story.

It might not be much of a shock, but London Spy is not based on a true story — that we know of... I feel like spies are really good at keeping this kind of thing out of the press. The series was created by Tom Rob Smith, a novelist who undoubtedly has a vivid imagination. While the series is completely original and has a fresh take on espionage and love, there are a number of other films and series similar to London Spy that will complement your desire for mystery, intrigue, and darkness.

Here are other films and TV shows you should check out after getting into London Spy.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

The 2011 film — with an all-star cast — is based off the novel of the same name. This Cold War espionage film takes place in London and follows the pursuit of a Soviet double agent at a senior-level role of the British Secret Service. The novel was originally adapted into a BBC miniseries in the late ‘70s with the same name. And yes, that's a blonde Benedict Cumberbatch.

Nikita (2010)

The 2010 TV series was a reboot of La Femme Nikita, and starred Maggie Q as the titular role. Nikita escaped from a U.S.-government funded black ops program called Division and is dead set on taking them down. She went rogue after they assassinated her fiancé and wants to avenge her former lover's death while exposing the injustices within the program.

The Perfect Spy (1987)

The ‘80s BBC series follows a similar concept to London Spy. It’s about a British M16 spy and his journey from a young boy to his disappearance as a suspected agent of the Czech secret service.

So, in case you need even more espionage in your life after watching London Spy, check out one of these three options to keep it ~mysterious~.

Images: Ed Miller ©WTTV Limited; Giphy (2); BBC