Cara D. Visited The White House Wearing WHAT?

When you’re this much of a star super model/actress and part of the CaKe crew, there’s nothing you can’t do. You have to see what Cara Delevingne wore to the White House to challenge Donald Trump to the idea that climate change does exist. Because it’s not exactly what you’d expect, except from someone like Delevingne. And by the way, yes, you did in fact read that correctly. Delevingne visited the White House to challenge Trump. It was a part of a Funny Or Die roundtable, but still, that's pretty incredible.

So, what does one wear to the most important place in all of America? Sneakers, of course. I think that’s the natural choice for anyone. Umm, not exactly. But, somehow, it works for Delevingne! She did pair her black Rihanna X Puma creepers with a black long-sleeved overcoat which seemed to have a black dress underneath it. So, she had a kind of mullet thing going on with her look. Business on top, and DGAF on the bottom. You get the idea.

I imagine that many people could not see her footwear as she stood behind a podium (if that’s how this whole thing went down), but honestly, I don’t think she cared, either way. She dresses to please no one but herself, and you’ve got to love that about her. Check out seven other times she’s dressed however she pleased and somehow managed to pull it off effortlessly.

A visit to the White House calls for seriousness, yes?


Pose-off! Abe Lincoln's got nothing on Delevingne.

Only she could pull this outfit (and this pose) off, you know?

1. Star Wars Fanatic

Sometimes, you just have to go all in.

2. Sleepy Head

We all know what it's like to not want to get out of bed. That's what pajama days are for, after all.

3. French Fry Queen

Posing while eating french fries is a must!

4. Zoo

Bunny tennis shoes and shark socks? She doesn't mind if she does.

5. Music Festival

Delevingne knows what's up when it comes to practical festival fashion.

6. Banana Bandana

Squad goals, for real.

7. Airport Style

This is airport style, at its realest.

She's always her fun, lovable self whether she's at the White House or not. So, thanks, Cara, for always keeping it real.

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