Selena Gomez Can Add This Stalker To Her List

On Saturday morning, 19-year-old Juan Daniel Garcia was arrested at the residence of singer and actress, Selena Gomez for trespassing. Eek! Although it is unclear as to whether or not Gomez was at home during the time of the incident, Officer Rosario Herrera said that Los Angeles police received a 911 call from the home that morning after seeing Garcia on the property. Talk about sketchy.

As much as I’d love to be a celebrity, I can’t even begin to imagine the scares they experience from extremely crazy fans. A few months ago, my roommate and I found a hole in our living room ceiling and we were convinced there was a camera hidden in it. Clearly, I would not make it in the entertainment business, so I applaud those celebrities who have to deal with all the lunatics out there.

I’ve been obsessed with the celebrity since she was on Wizards of Waverly Place, but she’s not the only star that I have spent countless hours stalking on the Internet. Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Stone and Sandra Bullock all have a special place in my heart, too. Yet as much as I critique their Red Carpet outfits, gossip about who they’re dating and reference them on a first name basis because I think we’re friends, I would never go as far as to intrude on their personal property.

I’m your average celebrity fangirl, but that’s just disturbing. Also, for a moment, let’s just assume that the majority of celebrities have gates and fences surrounding their homes. What that means is you’re scary enough to actually scale a wall just to see a person who probably doesn’t remember most of their fans to begin with.

Sadly, though, individuals like Garcia are everywhere. In 2011, Thomas Brodnicki took his fandom for Gomez to another level by stalking her, flying across the country to meet her. In an interview, he told TMZ “I believe that a restraining order should be issued against me from trying to contact Selena Gomez,” claiming that he had thought about killing the starlet. Gomez has a three-year restraining order against him. However, Gomez isn’t the only one.

Other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Shawn Johnson and, who am I kidding, really everyone, have all had stalkers and the occasional death threat. It’s actually sickening. I know it’s exciting to meet a celebrity but I’m pretty sure the best way to do that is not by trying to lurk their private space or attempt to kill them. Take my advice ladies and gents and just go to a meet and greet like everyone else, so they don’t end up fearing you for the rest of their lives.

Because this is probably how they feel about you:

Image: katha.at, weheartit.com