I Love Valentine's Day And I'm Single AF

by Lindsay Tigar

I think it's time to stop calling Valentine's Day "Single Awareness Day" and rolling our eyes when coworkers get sent flowers around Feb. 14. Maybe because it's definitely a commercialized holiday or it's actual purpose seems a little trite (shouldn't you be sweet to who you love all the time? Not just on one day?) — but Valentine's Day often gets a pretty bad rep with the single folks. And frankly, with some couples who boycott V-day, too.

Though there were two Valentine's Days in high school and one when I was 22 that I had a boyfriend, my favorite memories of V-Day don't involve significant others at all. In fact, I adore Valentine's Day and I'm about as single as single gets (for the past nearly four-and-a-half years, mind you). It's not because of the funny candy hearts, the roses everywhere, sweet chocolates or so many proposals that my Facebook feed has lost count, but because what other holiday specifically and purposefully celebrates...


I've written about it before — but when it comes to love, I've stopped thinking about it as something I don't have as a single gal but something I have a lot of. I might not have someone to spoon at night, someone who will text me kind words during the day, or someone to have sex with whenever I please, but I do have a lot of love in my life. From my friends and family to supportive teammates and a snuggly pup, what I love the most about Valentine's Day is it gives me another excuse to shower those I love with words of affirmation.

I fully admit to being the cheesiest, most ridiculous, love obsessed person you'll ever meet via the Internet, but here are six reasons why loving Valentine's Day isn't such a silly idea:

1. Handwritten Cards Are So Touching

Seriously, when was the last time you wrote a card to your mom that explained why you love her so much? Or one to your friend (who sure, only lives a few blocks away, but still) about why you love your daily Gchat conversations? What about one to your grandma who you always mean to call, but never do. I send at least three to five random cards to people I love every month, but use V-Day as your excuse to spread love the snail mail way.

2. Admiring Love Is A Great Way To Manifest It

If your only reaction to couples is to roll your eyes and yet you dream (and wish at 11:11 and on every eyelash) that you'll find love, what message are you sending the universe? Being angry at other people's happiness does nothing to create peace and brightness in your own, so why waste that energy? The next time you find yourself snarling at a couple walking slow and holding hands, take a deep breath and put yourself in their situation: imagine how wonderful it would feel to be in-tune to someone so lovely that you actually don't need to rush from point A to point B.

3. Women Can Send Flowers Too

After one of my dearest friends went through a terrible breakup, right around Valentine's Day (still think her ex is the biggest a-hole of 'em all, for the record), I thought about different ways I could cheer her up. When writing a card or sending a pint of ice cream just wouldn't be enough for her heartache, I sent her flowers. And ya know what? She loved it. I've sent flower to my mom, to former interns, to other friends — male and female — and it's a great feeling knowing you created instant happiness in someone's life.

4. You Don't Need A Partner To Leave Town

If you don't love anything else about Valentine's Day, love that it usually falls around President's Day — meaning you may get a Monday off from work. Instead of boo-hooing that you don't have someone to go on a romantic getaway with, think about getting out of town — all on your own. There's nothing quite like going on a trip alone to show you just how strong, confident and able you are. Plus, without anyone else's schedule to worry about, you can savor whatever sites you want to see, for as long as you'd like to see them.

5. Wearing Red Is Never A Bad Idea

Use V-Day as an excuse to dress yourself up, pull out those red shoes or dress and go out. Instead of using Valentine's Day as a time to stay in and be upset that you're single — or annoyed couples are celebrating and you aren't — get out there. You're not the only single person in your city, and maybe your next partner is out and about like you. You never know.

6. Use It As A Time To Tune In To Your Heart

It sounds silly, but I write a letter to my future partner on special occasions. Big events, big moments, things I want to remember to tell him about one day. They're all safely secured where no one can ever see until I'm ready, but they hold a special place in my heart and help me stay optimistic that I'll meet him one day. This Valentine's Day, try writing a letter to someone you've never met. It may just inspire you to give love more of a chance.

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