Check Out Barbie Ferreira's Body-Pos Aerie Ad

American Eagle's underwear and lounge brand has done a pretty great job of showcasing real girls' bodies, but they've officially upped the ante with their latest video ad. Curve model Barbie Ferreira's Aerie campaign is setting the tone for a more body-pos 2016, at least when it comes to swimsuits. Seriously, Barbie Slays with a capital S in this one.

Aerie's been dedicated to their promise to stop retouching and photoshopping their ads, but it's refreshing to see them feature a model that's a different shape and size than their usual pick. Sure, it's easy to say you won't mess with the photo of a girl who's, say, a size two, but what about us so-called "in-betweeners?" Thanks for repping, Barbie. (As Nylon points out, she's even declared herself the "Queen of In-Between.")

When it comes to being #AerieReal, Ferreira definitely has that on lock. "I am unapologetically myself, no matter what anyone's opinion of me is," she explains in the video. As showcased by her ultra-popular Instagram account, she's certainly an individual: Unique, outspoken, and totally body-pos. We're so down.

Ferreira is definitely #SwimsuitGoals in this campaign, because her confidence is enough to make any of us flaunt it in our bikinis with pride, no matter what size or shape. Is it summer yet?

This isn't the first time she's inspired everyone to break out their swimsuit and own it, or just embrace their bodies and be more confident. Here are seven times Barbie Ferreira was body-pos goals.

Rocking A String Bikini

As Barbie points out, there's a first for everything.

LBS (Little Black Swimsuit)

Sometimes, the simplest swimwear is the sexiest.


The strap details on this black bikini? Beach and bedroom-worthy.

Sultry Selfie

This pic almost makes me want to break out my lace-y black finest and share it with the world. Brave, people.

Working It Out

Getting real about her workout game (and her cute trainer. Oh, hey.)

Body-Con Babe

Barbie obviously works a body-con dress like the best of 'em.


This #nomakeupselfie gives her amazing eyebrows a starring role. Seriously, they're the stuff of dreams.

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Images: Aerie/YouTube