#Blizzard2016 Memes Are Already Here

by April Siese

Winter Storm Jonas is set to hit the East Coast this weekend, with as much as 2 feet of snow accumulating in major metropolitan areas like Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. People are preparing as best as they can, buying up supplies and crafting Winter Storm Jonas memes at a rapid pace. Most of what's showing up on social media has to do with the Jonas Brothers and the distant Weezer hit that bears the same name as the storm. Those less about the pop music (sorry, Rivers Cuomo) vibe have crafted an alternative, however. #Blizzard2016 memes are already here, just in time before the storm has done its worst.

If there's anything to be gleaned from the social media response to such an intense storm bearing down on such large swaths of the country, it's that everyone is fully prepared to eat a whole lot of bread and drink alcohol. During Superstorm Juno last year, alcohol delivery service Drizly went into overdrive serving the cities of Boston and New York City. According to data released by the company, sales were up nearly 500 percent the frigid Monday of the blizzard compared to typical alcohol sales on Mondays sans snowstorms. Service may very well see a similar increase heading into the weekend, as the storm is expected to make its presence known starting on Thursday.

Even blizzard memes from Superstorm Juno were not without detractors. Predicting accurate and prescient weather information is a difficult task, thus it's honestly unclear if Winter Storm Jonas will yield a mass amount of snow or some sort of convoluted disappointment. Last year's less than impressive showing from Juno inspired social media users to craft humorous, sarcastic responses to the letdown of far less than the snowy conditions they were promised.

Some 50 million people are expected to be affected by Winter Storm Jonas. That's a whole lot of people contributing a whole lot of memes to pass the time. Those aching to prepare for the next round of snowstorm memes need only look at The Weather Channel's official list, as chosen in part by experts and the Bozeman High School Latin class. This year promises to be the best yet for poking fun at unruly weather, especially considering the fact that the list includes "Yolo." Blizzard memes are timeless, however, so expect a few more classics to sneak in the next time the weather turns nasty.