12 Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life

There are two types of readers in the world: people who love to read, and people who need to read. The diehard readers are easily identifiable, both by the ever-present books in their bag and the way they immediately (and enthusiastically) jump in any time the question "have you read anything good lately?" is asked. These ride-or-die readers are constantly in the middle of their next-favorite book, keep a stack waiting to be read on their nightstand, and have a Goodreads "read" list of an almost-unbelievable length.

If reading is more of a lifestyle for your friend than a hobby, you have a lot for which to be grateful. Not only will you always have someone to call for a great recommendation, but also you'll never have to buy a book — or go to the public library — again. She won't even get mad at you if you're late for Sunday brunch because it gave her the opportunity to dive further into newly released novel.

The one drawback to a bookworm bestie is giving her gifts. After all, giving this pal a book as a gift is never a great idea. It's pretty likely she's already read it and/or owns it. (And if she hasn't, there's a good reason.)

So, it's better to stay away from giving books as gifts altogether. But if you book-loving bestie has a birthday coming up, you have to get her something. Rest assured: we've done the hard work for you and came up with 12 gift ideas that your True Reader friend is sure to love — and not one of them is a book.

Book-Inspired Phone Case

Harry Potter Black Hard Cover Case , $8, Amazon

Help the Harry Potter nerd in your life keep her love front and center with this understated (and awesome) iPhone case. Not only is the image fade- and scratch-resistant, but it's pretty much proof that you're basically the best friend ever. Always.

Literary Cocktail Book

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist , $9, Amazon

Featuring 65 awesome drink recipes, this cocktail book should be essential reading for everyone. With fun names like "A Rum of One’s Own" and "Vermouth the Bell Tolls," this wonderful book will make your Friday night happy hour just that more fun.

Audible Gold Digital Membership

Audible Gold Digital Membership , $14.95 per month, Amazon

Reading is wonderful, but listening to audiobooks can be another awesome way to experience a favorite story. Give your friend the gift of the spoken word with an Audible Subscription. She'll be able to listen to one audiobook per month, choosing from the company's over 180,000 titles.

Pride and Prejudice Tank

Pride and Prejudice Book Cover Tank , $23, Amazon

This tank will not only majorly up your friend's gym look, it will spread its stylish influence across the globe. For each top purchased, a book is donated to a community in need. Even surly Mr. Darcy would be on board with that!

Literary Tote Bag

B anned Books Tote Bag, $18, Amazon

As is the case with most readers, your friend probably carries one (or more) books with her at all times. So give her something to carry them in! This adorable tote bag features printed names of famous censored titles, which any literature lover is sure to appreciate.

Literary Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry Words , $12, Amazon

If your BFF likes reading books, there's a pretty good chance she likes writing, too. Give her the chance to create her own literary masterpiece on her fridge with this adorable (and seriously smart) magnetic poetry set.

Cozy Throw Blanket

Classic Wool Blanket , $65, Amazon

During these cold winter days (and nights), there's truly nothing better than settling into the couch with a good book. Give your bestie the gift that keeps on giving: a warm blanket to cuddle up with along with her next page-turner. Not only are its purled fringes and 100-percent wool totally washable, but the versatile fabric is perfect for a sunny summer picnic, as well as that wintry night in.

The Bell Jar Necklace

The Bell Jar Gold Plated Necklace, $33, Amazon

Your girl a Sylvia Plath fan? Let her wear some of the author's most famous words around her neck with this beautiful gold-plated necklace.

Perfect Reading Light

LED Desk Lamp with USB Charge Port , $60, Amazon

Easy-on-the-eyes, energy-efficient LED lighting and a 90-degree rotational head make this reading lamp the best of the bunch — exactly what your bestie deserves. Bonus: This lamp has a USB charging port, which is perfect for a late-night, all-gadgets-on-deck reading sesh.

Professor Snape Shirt

Harry Potter Severus Snap Shirt, $18, Amazon

Show your support for one of the best headmasters Hogwarts has ever seen. The shirt's 100-percent ringspun cotton is super-soft, while the silhouette of our favorite foe-turned-friend is sure to make your bestie smile.

Reading Pillow

Satin Alice in Wonderland Pillow Cover , $6, Amazon

Does your bestie love reading in bed? Get her pre-bed story time in with this illustrated fantasy pillow cover. Alice in Wonderland makes for the best adventure before bed, so help her get the full picture with a colorful (and comfy!) nudge.

Personal Library Kit

Knock Knock Personal Library Kit , $14, Amazon

The only bad thing about having an extensive book collection? Losing them as you lend them out to other people. With this present, your friend will be able to keep track of her books in the cutest way possible. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.

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