Chantel Jeffries Just Got An Interesting Offer

When Justin Bieber was arrested last week for, well, being Justin Bieber and endangering the lives of innocent people so that he could get his drunken speed on, he was not alone. No, he had a fellow speed junkie by his side, a twenty-year-old model and eyebrow connosieur by the name of Chantel Jeffries. We've talked a little bit about Jeffries before — namely how she looks like Octomom Nadya Suleman, though I'd say she's got a resemblance that skews more Kardashian. Jeffries, in the long well-trodden history of people trying to make a dime off the women associated with high-profile badly-behaving men, is now undoubtedly receiving all kinds of offers to flout her arrested-with-Justin-Bieber-ness all over the place. Gosh, isn't it just a perfect, incorruptible world we live in?

One of these such offers has now gone public, and comes from none other than the classiest of venues, New York City's famous strip club Scores. They would like Jeffries to please sign with them to help them promote their stripping webcams, hoping she'll serve as a sort of MC between acts.

No word has come out as to whether or not Jeffries is actually seriously considering this offer, but it's interesting as just another episode of the world trying so desperately hard to find some way to capitalize off of every infamous act of douchery.

Image: Instagram