One Direction Fans React To The Louis Tomlinson Baby News With Puns & Pleas For Pics

Sounds like we've been blessed with the arrival of the first One Direction descendant. According to People, Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth's baby boy was born this week. So it’s only appropriate to line up and bring him and his new son gifts of One Direction paraphernalia, frankincense, and myrrh. I think that's how it goes... Anyway, despite the reports being out there in the open now, One Direction fans knew what was up way before the media did. Bustle has reached out to Tomlinson's rep for comment, but has not yet heard back.

You see, there was talk on social media before the official announcement. The Daily Mail reported that according to One Direction fan page @1DExclusiveInfo, a family member had supposedly announced the news that the singer's child was born. But at the time it was a bit suspect. Why? Because The Daily Mail said that it was Jungwirth's grandmother who was the one to give the news. While The Sun also pointed out that a Twitter "fan account" said it was Tomlinson's grandmother who did it. And, at that point, neither Tomlinson nor Jungwirth had announced it themselves — not through their PR, not through a message in a bottle, not through any other form of communication available to them — and no more recognized news sites, like People, had either. But, clearly, 1D fans are pretty crafty and scarily in-the-know about things, because it seems that they turned out to be spot on about the news.

So, in honor of Tomlinson's omniscient and clairvoyant fanbase, here are some fan reactions to the baby news, because they've earned some recognition:

There Were Genuinely Sweet Messages

Sometimes emojis say it all.

And Messages Of Pride

Like the fandom birthed him themselves.

Some Were Just Trying To Process The Whole Thing

It's OK. Take your time.

While Other Fans Needed To See It To Believe It

Pics or it didn't happen? I guess?

But, Honestly, One Fan Won It All With A Fantastic Pun

Happy birthday to you, you witty human.

Ah, the magic of Twitter and fandoms.